Artist’s “domino 37,501” in Fresach

As part of his multi-year project “flotsam” Carinthian artist Gerhard Leeb has drawn attention again on the European tolerance talks 2016. The result was a performance under the name “Domino 37 501” – a fictional story about human flotsam on the beach of Lesbos and the failure of the European policy on the refugee issue.

For Leeb there is no refugee problem but a political problem that affects all areas of public life. The refugee debate was merely a “welcome diversion” from the real problems of the country. The failure of those responsible ranges from “technical safety helplessness” to “humanitarian cruelty” (Leeb insists on this term).

At the conclusion of the European tolerance talks the artist presented another painting of his work series “jetsam” to the Tolerance Museum. (ws)

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