Character Weakness causes Managers to fail

“If managers fail, it is often due to basic character traits. These people fail as managers because they do not sufficiently integrate employees, do not create a positive working atmosphere and thus misinterpret many things.” With this assessment, Herbert Unterköfler, Managing Director at Korn Ferry Vienna, caused a lively discussion at the closing panel of the Economic Forum at the European Tolerance Talks in Fresach. The corona crisis in particular is “like a biblical test” for the relationship between employers and employees and puts loyalty to the test.

Strict selection in companies

“Not every miscarriage is a failure,” Unterköfler made clear at the beginning of his introductory statement. While miscarriage is simply part of life and learning, failure is a really drastic, sometimes irreversible, sustainable event that can throw a person off track. “Just because you didn’t get the job with your application didn’t make you fail immediately. Life goes on after that,” explained the management and HR consultant.” (ws) Read more on pressetext.

The whole video session can be watched on Youtube.

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