Creative minds are in Places where Freedom is greatest

Europeans will only exist in the global village if they concentrate on their strengths, reject national egoism and understand digitization as an opportunity. Free trade, free markets and free entrepreneurship are the main drivers of prosperity. In an increasingly interconnected world, they can only be secured and expanded through MORE instead of less freedom. Protectionist tendencies must therefore be clearly rejected. This was stated by Sabine Herlitschka, CEO of Infineon Technologies Austria, at the beginning of the entrepreneurs day in Fresach.

Diversity is economically meaningful

But the company’s CEO did not plead for boundless freedom. The global economy also needs fair, clear and transparent rules to ensure the best possible functioning, predictability, stability and order. As chairman of the board of one of the most research-intensive companies in Austria, Herlitschka stressed the importance of freedom in terms of entrepreneurial creativity and innovation.

Herlitschka also regards liberty as the central prerequisite for progress and pointed out in Fresach that the most creative minds have always moved to those places where freedom is greatest. In her statement she suggested a broad bridge to the concept of tolerance and the advantages of diversity from an entrepreneurial point of view. Diversity is not only a personal enrichment, but also economically meaningful, as numerous empirical investigations prove. (sk) More on pressetext.

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