The secret of good corporate governance is not the top of a hierarchy, but democratic structures at all levels. The switch to home office in the wake of the Corona crisis has clearly shown: “We are experiencing the exact opposite of ‘command economy’. The rapid switch was usually initiated ‘from above’, but the effort of the implementation only worked because a high degree of self-organization became effective, “management consultant Herbert Unterköfler told pressetext. Unterköfler is a participant in the Economic Forum of the Tolerance Talks on May 29th.

Herbert Unterköfler is one of the most high-profile personnel consultants and headhunters in Austria. He sees great responsibility especially among top managers in times of crisis, which can push them to the limits of their resilience. And not everyone stands up to this responsibility. “I see all around that responsible parties are experiencing very brutal changeovers. It is difficult enough to keep companies going halfway in such times. But many are feeling or experiencing that they will fail right now,” says the management expert.

In view of this situation, managers cannot and should not take on the full burden. All levels of the corporate hierarchy must work together. “In crisis situations, everything boils down to the basic requirements of good corporate governance: keeping an overview, trusting the right people, concentrating on the essentials, communicating clearly and sincerely and – perhaps more than ever – listening to customers and employees whose ingenuity is in them Situations are almost inexhaustible, “said Unterköfler. More on pressetext.

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