Epic: Tolerance Talks breaking new Ground

New territory and experiment at the same time – the 6th European Tolerance Talks 2020 in Carinthia were a milestone for organization, contributors and the public. The three-day dialogue forum was frequented by well over 3,000 visitors online after the museum was only partially accessible on site. All sessions and panel discussions are available on YouTube and on the website. http://www.awm.fresach.org

The 2020 event was a real challenge for the organization, as it was realized in a multimedia and dislocated manner via a complex streaming project, with studios and playbacks from Vienna, Bonn, Berlin and Brussels. “We all knew that it was going to be an experiment and trembled whether it would work,” says Denk.Raum.Fresach chairman superintendent Manfred Sauer. “It was all the more relief that the Internet lines remained largely stable.”

Historical dimension

The Tolerance Talks 2020 showed that communication and dialogue about social issues is possible not only across national borders, but also over physical distance and internet lines. The fact that the topic “Exodus – Excerpt from the Familiar” was a perfect match for the current lockdown experience was only a minor detail. Sauer: “We broadcast the talks on five major international platforms and thus made history – we are not aware of any comparable project in Austria.” (ws)

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