Pausing during the Crisis

If nothing works anymore, radical change is required. This applies more than ever today. But negative experiences alone are not enough as an incentive. “For a new start, you also need a symbol, that is, the idea of ​​a way that could be better in the future than today,” says psychotherapist and Viktor Frankl award winner Boglarka Hadinger. How change works is the subject of her science talk “Departure – from where, to where and for what?” with journalist Claus Reitan at the European Tolerance Talks in Fresach, which are dedicated to the appropriate motto “Exodus – Leaving the Familiar”.

Departure only if it makes sense

If the current situation is characterized by pain and suffering, you have to start – a truism that works so easily but not. “Only negative motivation is not enough. This leads to resignation,” emphasizes Hadinger. It is important to have a meaningful goal in mind. “Most people – and that is the problem today – no longer have such an inviting vision of the future for our world. That is where our generation task lies today.”

Change processes are sustainable if something that is no longer meaningful is replaced by a more meaningful one. According to Hadinger, one should pause before taking the future steps and carry out a location assessment to see what has been achieved so far – that gives strength and confidence. “If you devalue everything you’ve done before, you won’t have the strength to break open,” she warns.

In addition, the expert warns to maintain identity in all course and behavior corrections. “An excerpt from the misery can only be achieved if you do not have to exchange ideas internally. Unfortunately, many are demanding this today, and this results in protest and rigidity. Change is also possible in such a way that you do not have to betray your own being.” Release continues on pressetext.
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