Invitation to the Tolerance Talks 2019 this week

Clearance of land, loss of home and alienation in one’s own country – these are the major topics of the 5th European tolerance talks, which take place from 5 to 8 June 2019 in Villach and the nearby Carinthian mountain village Fresach. The four-day dialogue forum will open on Wednesday at 14.00 with the Tourism Forum at the Holiday Inn Hotel Villach, in the evening (19.00 clock) the organization invite guests and partizipants to a reception ibid.

On Thursday (6 June), the Tolerance Forum will be opened in the Evangelical Church of FRESACH with a presentation by the Italian philosopher Maurizio Bettine of the University of Siena, followed by the Civil Dialogue and two sessions in the afternoon. The evening will include readings, a jazz concert with Tonc Feinig and the Tolerance Award Ceremony 2019.

Friday (7 June) will be dedicated to the question of how digitization and new technologies can contribute to the development of the rural region. Before that, the economic forum will examine global power relations and capital flows. Over the four days, over 40 thinkers will discuss the future of Europe and the question of who Europe really belongs politically and economically. Tickets and registrations at:

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