Tolerance Talks 2019: Europe’s Roots put to the Test

As part of a panel discussion of Club Carinthia DRF chairman Manfred Sauer and president Hannes Swoboda presented the program of the 5th European Tolerance Talks 2019 on Tuesday evening, which will take place from 5 to 8 June this year. Mr. Sauer spoke of a “big event” before Pentecost and thanked all partners and sponsors for their support.

“Home Abroad Earth – Who owns Europe” is the motto of this year’s event, and more than 40 scientists, trend researchers, poets and thinkers are responsible for the rather controversial “Heimattage”, which consist of a school event and a tourism forum in Villach (HEIMAT-DAY, June 5), the Civil Dialogue and Tolerance Forum in Fresach (HUMAN RIGHTS DAY, June 6) and the business talks (FOUNDERS‘ DAY, June 7) with start-up presentations for the region.

“The lectures, panel discussions and workshops will address the question of what constitutes Europe and what we lose if we follow false prophets,” said Hannes Swoboda, President of the Board, at the launch of the program. Together with the chairman of the Denk.Raum.Fresach, Superintendent Manfred Sauer, and PEN President Helmuth A. Niederle, Swoboda emphasized the value of linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe, which must be defended.

Among others, Oberbank CEO Andreas Klingan, space researcher Gerlind Weber, psychotherapist Margarethe Prinz-Büchl, well-known Bavarian TV journalist Dieter Kronzucker, CC President Eva Wissiak and Lebanese-Austrian author Sonia Boumad participated in the inaugural event in Vienna. In the well-attended auditorium of Oberbank it was discussed violently about the dimension and breadth of the tolerance talks and also thought about why the European idea and its origin are so controversial. (ws)
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