Tolerance talks enrichment for Carinthia

The heads of the Carinthian state government and the churches recognized the European tolerance talks as an “extraordinary event for Austria and Europe”. “The tolerance talks are a great enrichment for the country,” praised Carinthian Gouvernor Peter Kaiser. Many important impulses would emerge from Fresach. Villach’s mayor, Günther Albel, spoke of “a strong sign that shows effect beyond Carinthia”.

Kaiser made it clear that freedom was once reserved for only a few and restricted. Freedom today is related and interplay with other values ​​such as solidarity and equality. Freedom without tolerance would not be conceivable. The freedom of the individual ends where he threatens the freedom of the other, Kaiser said, pointing out that there must be a “realm of freedom,” but also a “realm of necessity”.

Hannes Swoboda, President of the Board, emphasized in his welcome speech the need to deal extensively with political education and the media. Freedom is also a matter of culture and emotions. The “decency of the heart” must also be added to the knowledge, according to Swoboda. Superintendent Manfred Sauer said that freedom is a precious plant, and that people should raise their voices when it is in danger. Too often there are moments of looking away. (ws)

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