Austrian tourism needs clichés like Wiener Schnitzel, Dirndl, Schuhplattler and Lippizaner. Common images of home are a “well-functioning currency” in the application of guests. However, it is important that these pictures also correspond to reality, because clichés are also promises in tourism, says the Tyrolean folklorist and author Elsbeth Wallnöfer, who will adress the tourism forum at the Europea tolerance talks on 5 June in Villach.

“Clichés work because they are the simplest kind of language,” says Wallnöfer. Because tourism is an important economic factor and helps many people to earn an income, it is important to convey a certain image through this language. However, one has to critically question this picture over and over again. “Do the clichés still correspond to the reality of life? Do I find that which I was promised?”, Wallnöfer points out. If this is no longer the case, guests and tourists would have to be addressed or advertised differently. More of the folklorist in the pressetext interview. (ws)

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