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European Tolerance Talks live on YouTube!

Paradise concepts in politics, business and society are the focus of the European Tolerance Talks, which take place next week from 16 to 19 May in Villach and Fresach. The talks will be broadcasted live on the internet for the first time in 2018. In cooperation with BTV and Raiffeisenbank Kärnten, the organizer (Denk.Raum.Fresach) is
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Is the Blue Planet still to save?

The well-known German TV presenter and bestselling author Franz Alt will open the Entrepreneur’s Day in Fresach on 18 May with a presentation on the “Future of the Earth – Good News or Lost Paradise”. Can our blue planet still be salvaged in the face of advancing climate change and ever-increasing resource misuse, and if
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What we can learn from Islamic Mysticism

“Love and Heart” are two revolutionary metaphors of Islamic mysticism. The multiple best-selling author Gerhard Schweizer explains what we can take from these two metaphors and the alternative thinking in oriental literature for the entrepreneurship of the 21st century on 18 May as part of the European Tolerance Talks 2018 in Fresach (2 p.m.). Gerhard
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The End of Tourism as we know it

“Zero tolerance – how networking and globalization shift claims and realities” or “The End of Tourism as we know it. Why we need to think the future anew” is the topic of a keynote speech by the Hamburg trend expert and futurologist Birgit Gebhardt at the opening of the tourism forum on 16 May at
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Save the World! But how?

EU ambassador and startup entrepreneur Ali Mahlodji will open the exciting day program of the Love Tour ’18 on May 16th at 9 a.m. at the Parkhotel Villach (Großer Bambergsaal) with the theme “School with Heart – Just Save the World”. Mahlodji, who fled Iran with his parents as a child, explains how we can
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More than 40 speakers enrich Tolerance Talks 2018

Paradise concepts in politics, economics and society are the focus of the European Tolerance Talks 2018, which will take place during the Whitsun week from 16 to 19 May in Villach and Fresach. Over 40 authors and thinkers, scientists and cultural workers will discuss ways out of Europe’s current media-political crisis of meaning. This year’s
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Das „Europäische Toleranzzentrum Fresach“ wird im Rahmen des Österreichischen Programms für ländliche Entwicklung – Vorhabensart 19.2.1 gefördert. Der Förderbetrag in Höhe von EUR 192.120 für die Periode 2016-2018 setzt sich aus Mitteln von Bund, Land und der Europäischen Union zusammen.

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