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Opening of the Citizens’ Dialogue

The presentation of the European Tolerance Talks 2017 on 24 January in the mirror room of the Carinthian provincial government in Klagenfurt was the prelude to the new “Citizens’ Dialogue on Freedom and Democracy”. Villach’s mayor and sponsor of the event pointed to the historic importance of his city in the struggle against paternalism and
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Talking about Freedom and Democracy

Does freedom need democracy? And what is freedom worth if decade’s value building and systems collapse. What happens when long-standing traditions are thrown overboard or hard-won human rights are abandoned voluntarily on the Internet? These and other questions were discussed within the program preview of the European Tolerance Talks 2017 on 18 January in Vienna
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Invitation to ETT-Presentation in Vienna

“Does freedom need democracy?” This is the title of a preview of the 2017 European Tolerance Talks organized by Club Carinthia together with PEN-Club Austria, Travel Industry Club and the international tax consultancy TPA on 18 January 2017 at BKS Bank in Vienna. The keynote statement is given by columnist Anneliese Rohrer, who has already
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Climate change has arrived in Austria

Over the past few years, Claus Reitan, a long-standing editor in chief and partner of Fresach, has dealt intensively with climate change, globalization and its consequences. A personal blog on sustainability communication and numerous contributions to specialist media testify to this commitment that goes far beyond day-to-day politics. Reitan now presents an interview book, which
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The Future of Freedom >> Preview 2017

The Future of Freedom Europe’s civil society and the consequences of globalization for politics, business and society With the focus theme 2017, the initiators of Denk.Raum.Fresach try to formulate one of the oldest questions of humanity. What does freedom mean and how can it be defended against increasing threats within our western, democratic societies? The
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Carinthian School Authority supports Tolerance Talks

The Carinthian School Authority (Landesschulrat/LSR) is going to support the European tolerance talks 2017. Within the framework of the “The Future of Freedom” generic theme, Think.Tank.Fresach is planning an own conference day for pupils and students at the Congress Center Villach (CCV) on 31 May 2017. LSR-President Rudolf Alterberger welcomes the initiative to give young
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Das „Europäische Toleranzzentrum Fresach“ wird im Rahmen des Österreichischen Programms für ländliche Entwicklung – Vorhabensart 19.2.1 gefördert. Der Förderbetrag in Höhe von EUR 192.120 für die Periode 2016-2018 setzt sich aus Mitteln von Bund, Land und der Europäischen Union zusammen.

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