Das „Europäische Toleranzzentrum Fresach“ wird im Rahmen des Österreichischen Programms für ländliche Entwicklung – Vorhabensart 19.2.1 gefördert. Der Förderbetrag in Höhe von EUR 192.120 für die Periode 2016-2018 setzt sich aus Mitteln von Bund, Land und der Europäischen Union zusammen.

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Water and Climate Change 2016

It flows out of lines and is perfect for swimming. But very few of us really think about how long this will last: Water is omnipresent in Austria in large quantities. Elsewhere the blessed abundance is already come to an end – a consequence of climate change. The Austrian Broadcast “Heimat Fremde Heimat” beamed the
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Encouraging media coverage on Tolerance talks

The second edition of the European tolerance talks from 11 to 14 May 2016 in Carinthia’s picturesque mountain village Fresach has been very well received by politicians and the media as well as by the lecturers and guests. Thanks to numerous radio broadcasts, newspaper reports and online publications, the media coverage compared to 2015 was
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Syrian artist designed exhibition “Refuge”

“Refuge – migration in our history,” is the motto of this year’s special exhibition at the Tolerance Museum Fresach. It creates awareness of the needs of people on the run, but also allow a look into their own (Protestant) past which was marked by expulsion, flight and deportation also. Migration and refuge have accompanied and
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Schulz evokes united Europe

Video Message of EU President Martin Schulz. Dear participants of The European tolerance talks, we are experiencing turbulent times in Europe. The EU is almost unprecedented in the history of challenges. The refugee crisis, increasing nationalism, the still remaining unfinished economic and monetary union, the dramatically high youth unemployment, the threat of withdrawal of Britain
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Artist’s “domino 37,501” in Fresach

As part of his multi-year project “flotsam” Carinthian artist Gerhard Leeb has drawn attention again on the European tolerance talks 2016. The result was a performance under the name “Domino 37 501” – a fictional story about human flotsam on the beach of Lesbos and the failure of the European policy on the refugee issue.
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Fresach Declaration on Climate Change

At the conclusion of the European tolerance talks in 2016, the participants adopted a “Declaration on Climate Change 2016″ last weekend. Therein, Europe is called to take its responsibility. No community works without borders, but walls and fences do not solve problems. “Who wants to live in peace and prosperity, has to learn sharing,” reads
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