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Start of the Year of Truth

In the town hall of the city of Villach, Denk.Raum.Fresach presented on Thursday the program of the 10th European Tolerance Talks from May 15 to 18, 2024. Three dozen philosophers, scientists, authors and economists will discuss “Truth and what is real?“ The topic is particularly relevant in view of the upcoming European elections in June
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Truth actually wishful Thinking

Truth from the perspective of reality: When a quotations researcher and a computer science philosopher meet a psychotherapist and a politician, different definitions of terms naturally arise. The panel at the presentation of the 2024 Tolerance Talks on Thursday evening in Vienna agreed on one thing. The digitalization and the associated algorithmization of all processes
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Program presentation in Vienna 15 February

Truth is a big word and, especially in politics, a requirement that can hardly be fulfilled. Social and economic coexistence is almost always about asserting interests and distributing resources and not about finding the truth of all. The 2024 European elections are therefore an opportunity to shed light on many truths that are being widely
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Fresach Growth Charta issued

At the end of the European Tolerance Talks 2023, the board of trustees of Denk.Raum.Fresach published a growth charter in which the increasing social inequality in the world is denounced. Future growth must be lived, organized and operated in terms of sustainability. Only then can the dynamic that sustains life and improves the living conditions
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Former Bishop Michael Bünker got Tolerance Award 2023

The former bishop of the Evangelical Church in Austria, Michael Bünker (69), was honored with the European Tolerance Prize from the city of Villach and Denk.Raum.Fresach. As a moral authority with a high level of social commitment, Bünker has always advocated dialogue, democracy and human rights, according to the jury’s reasoning. His voice has the
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Growing Inequality threatens Peace and Freedom

The consequences of excessive economic growth and the growing inequality in the world due to the overexploitation of fossil and regenerative resources are the focus of the 9th European Tolerance Talks (ETG), which begin on Wednesday evening in Carinthia. More than 30 thinkers will take part in the dialogue forums, which will take place in
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