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Leadership requires a Knowledge of Human Nature

 “Influencing people and events positively”: That is what leadership is about, explained the management consultant and business coach Peter Baumgartner at the final panel discussion on “Leadership and fairness in times of crisis”. While good management consisted of “delegating” in earlier times, today leadership is a highly complex activity, emphasized burnout advisor Evelyne Hubert-Reitan at
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Roger de Weck: Shift to the Right must have an End

For the well-known journalist and democracy advocate Roger de Weck, the time of right-wing populists is over. But in order to strengthen democracy, it urgently needs to be modernized, said the former “Die Zeit” editor and head of Swiss television during an exciting panel discussion in Fresach. He is optimistic that politics can free itself
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Nestlé emeritus advocates lifelong learning

“The most important thing in education is learning how to learn,” said Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, President Emeritus of the Board of Directors at Nestlé at the Economic Forum of the European Tolerance Talks in Fresach. The right attitude and the iron will to learn new things every day are ultimately more important for career prospects and
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Globalization compass presented in Fresach

For the Austrian Chamber of Labor, the corona pandemic has shown the limits of the globalized world. With lockdowns, the restriction of freedom of movement and new border controls in the middle of Europe, production routes were suddenly interrupted and just-in-time deliveries made impossible. Medicines and protective masks such as gloves were missing because their
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Man does not fulfill his Responsibility

Man has responsibility for the world: This can be deduced equally from the Bible, Torah and Koran. Representatives of the major religious communities agreed on this during the discussion “Beautiful world, ugly reality” within the framework of the European Tolerance Talks in 2021. Many problems of our time are related to the fact that humans
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Heinz Nussbaumer Tolerance Award Winner 2021

The journalist, author and editor of the weekly newspaper “Die Furche”, Heinz Nussbaumer (77), was awarded the European Tolerance Prize 2021 for democracy and human rights from the Austrian PEN Club and the city of Villach in Fresach on Thursday evening. Nussbaumer is a bridge builder and a “pilgrim in the sea of excited voices”,
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