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Toleranzgespräche erstmals NUR Online

Due to the corona pandemic, no more events can be held in Austria until the end of June 2020. We, the organization team of the European Tolerance Talks, must also take note of this decision by the Federal Government in Vienna. However, there is good news. We will implement the planned program from May 27th
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Corona Virus shows Importance of Travel

Traveling and exploring foreign countries is essential for people. Throughout its history, mankind has felt the urge to move to new places. The corona virus is now putting a stop to this. It shows the importance of travel and forces tourism to reflect on itself, explains the German travel philosopher Klaus Kufeld in an interviews
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Frugalness is becoming more important

If something should change, we have to price natural consumption, demands climate researcher Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker. The opening speaker in Fresach talks about why he doesn’t think the sustainability agenda is sustainable and it is childish to define his happiness only by the volume of possessions in an interview with the magazine “Die Wirtschaft”.
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Pausing during the Crisis

If nothing works anymore, radical change is required. This applies more than ever today. But negative experiences alone are not enough as an incentive. “For a new start, you also need a symbol, that is, the idea of ​​a way that could be better in the future than today,” says psychotherapist and Viktor Frankl award
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Update: #ETG20 Decision after Easter

Dear all, no one could have foreseen that we are back to the point this year with our choice of topics. We are just experiencing a world that is being turned upside down. Everything has changed, nothing is as it was, nothing seems to be valid. We experience a real “exodus” from the usual life
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Recipes against “Predator Capitalism”

Cooperative management instead of predator capitalism: This is the vision of leadership expert Patrick D. Cowden for the company of the future. “In the existing economic system, people do not play a role because only pure efficiency counts. Only if we work together and for each other can we create a truly sustainable world,” Cowden
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Das „Europäische Toleranzzentrum Fresach“ wird im Rahmen des Österreichischen Programms für ländliche Entwicklung – Vorhabensart 19.2.1 gefördert. Der Förderbetrag in Höhe von EUR 192.120 für die Periode 2016-2018 setzt sich aus Mitteln von Bund, Land und der Europäischen Union zusammen.

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