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Artist’s “domino 37,501” in Fresach

As part of his multi-year project “flotsam” Carinthian artist Gerhard Leeb has drawn attention again on the European tolerance talks 2016. The result was a performance under the name “Domino 37 501” – a fictional story about human flotsam on the beach of Lesbos and the failure of the European policy on the refugee issue.
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Fresach Declaration on Climate Change

At the conclusion of the European tolerance talks in 2016, the participants adopted a “Declaration on Climate Change 2016″ last weekend. Therein, Europe is called to take its responsibility. No community works without borders, but walls and fences do not solve problems. “Who wants to live in peace and prosperity, has to learn sharing,” reads
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“Learning by Dying”: Climate change costs lives

“The cause and effect of climate change are far apart in time. This is precisely why we must now be aware that we need to act because beside all the money climate change costs, it costs first and foremost lives. I call it ‘learning by dying’”, said the Carinthian environmental politician Rolf Holub at the European tolerance
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Töpfer: “Passing on of costs has consequences”

“Instead of avoiding the costs of our prosperity, we have passed them. These are now payed by others who are not responsible for it.”This is the conclusion of the former head of the UN Environment Programme, Klaus Töpfer, at the opening of the second European tolerance conversations in the Carinthian mountain village Fresach Given the
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Senator Pacheco in Fresach

Senator Marc R. Pacheco of Mass. Wednesday evening came to Carinthia in order to attend the opening of the European tolerance talks 2016. Pacheco on Thursday noon will deliver a keynote speech on the “Climate Reality Project” of forme US-Vice President Al Gore. Pacheco praised the iniative of tolerance talks at the opening in Villach.
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Klimawandel interaktiv

Die Multimediaklasse der Graphischen Lehranstalt in Wien hat die Toleranzgespräche 2016 in Fresach mit einer Reihe von Arbeiten unterstützt. Die Ergebnisse finden Sie hier:

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