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Program 2020 presented in Klagenfurt

Accompanied by numerous cooperation partners, this year’s program of the European Tolerance Talks was presented on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, in the state government’s mirror hall in Klagenfurt. Program director Wilfried Seywald spoke of a very ambitious and diverse program despite halving the budget due to the expiry of the LEADER program funding. Carinthia’s
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Ways out of Digital Slavery

With the biblical exodus from Egypt, the Israelites linked the hope for a better life in peace, freedom and prosperity. The digitized society is also looking for ways out of profit-driven slavery – with environmental destruction, climate change and global migration flows as consequences. International experts, poets and thinkers will find out what options Europe
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Evolution: Climate crisis as an Opportunity

Man-made climate change has triggered a crisis that has brought tremendous changes, but which also allows Europe to grow, innovate and break new ground. But to face the challenges, the old continent must allow new diversity in society and culture. That was the basic tenor of the panel discussion on the program presentation of the
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Exodus or Exitus: What will happen with Europe?

Club Carinthia invites you to the Tolerance Talks 2020 preview – The radical changes in the economy and environment are forcing people to rethink their tried and tested ways of life and behavior. Large cities as well as rural regions are affected by climate change, with serious consequences for the entire food and energy production.
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Visitors’ Record in Fresach 2019

The 5th European Tolerance Talks 2019 in Carinthia have set a new visitors’ record. Nearly 800 participants took part in the three-day dialogue forum in Fresach, another 200 attended the tourism forum and the opening reception in Villach. More than 500 people watched the discussions over the Internet. A record of the more than 20
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Transparency protects against monitoring by Algorithms

The chances and risks of digitalisation and the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Europe were discussed by a well-attended panel of experts at the last Panel of the Economic Forum on Friday afternoon. The technology researcher Petra Schaper-Rinkel of the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) warned against caution to possible monitoring by sophisticated algorithms.
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Das „Europäische Toleranzzentrum Fresach“ wird im Rahmen des Österreichischen Programms für ländliche Entwicklung – Vorhabensart 19.2.1 gefördert. Der Förderbetrag in Höhe von EUR 192.120 für die Periode 2016-2018 setzt sich aus Mitteln von Bund, Land und der Europäischen Union zusammen.

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