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Carinthian Writers’ Union returns to Fresach

The traditional Carinthian Writers’ Association (KSV) will in future enrich the European Tolerance Talks as a source of ideas and a cooperation partner. Past President Gabriele Russwurm-Biró and the new President Alfred Woschitz will join the Board and the Board of Trustees of the Tolerance Talks. This was announced by DRF chairman Superintendent Manfred Sauer
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This year: “Growth at the end – what now?”

In the mirror hall of the Carinthian state government, the Denk.Raum.Fresach (DRF) presented its program of the European Tolerance Talks 2023 today, Tuesday, and the mood was – like every year – very optimistic, full of hope and expectation. Under the title “Growth at the end – what now?” this year, around 35 experts, scientists
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Expert dispute about the concept of growth

No prosperity without growth, no development without hunger for more – the problem of growth has always divided experts from left to right – 50 years after the “Club of Rome” report “The Limits to Growth”, the European Tolerance Talks 2023 in Fresach will deal with the Theme. On the occasion of the presentation of
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Program to be presented in Klagenfurt on 28 February

Climate change and species extinction pose enormous problems for mankind. Scientists say: We have to change our lives and our way of doing business, because natural resources are finite. But is that even possible? Is it so easy to flip an economic system based on growth? The European Tolerance Talks from May 24th to 27th,
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Pros and Cons of Growth on February 21 in Vienna

Climate change, war and pandemics – the many crises have made us thoughtful, and in some cases even worried. 50 years after the Club of Rome report “The Limits to Growth” we are still confronted with the negative effects of uncompromising growth. The European Tolerance Talks 2023 are dedicated to this red-hot topic, the program
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Reading book 2022 can now be ordered

The reading book of the Tolerance Talks 2022 “CHANGE – How does the new get into the system?” is now available, with a series of contributions to the discussion, for members and friends of Denk.Raum.Fresach, which can now also be ordered online on Books on Demand. For Hannes Swoboda, President of the Board of
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