Climate change has arrived in Austria

Over the past few years, Claus Reitan, a long-standing editor in chief and partner of Fresach, has dealt intensively with climate change, globalization and its consequences. A personal blog on sustainability communication and numerous contributions to specialist media testify to this commitment that goes far beyond day-to-day politics. Reitan now presents an interview book, which reveals the causes of the increasing migration in all its sharpness and calls for swift action.

More than 250 million people are migrants, 65 million of which are people on the run: Migration is an increasing challenge for Europe and a source of concern for Austria as well. And the migration pressure will continue to rise. Strong migratory movements from Africa to the north are already foreseeable, the causes for this are manifold. These reasons lie in population growth, in conflicts and wars, in drought, desertification and devastation, in inequality, global instability, and fragile states. Their dynamism receives this global migration through the hope of the migrants on education and income, on an existence in dignity.

Claus Reitan interviewed Nikola Sander, the immigration and demographic expert Steffen Angenendt, the security expert Marcel Dickow, the agricultural economist Franz Fischler, the sociologist and anthropologist Martin Fieder, the economists Robert Holzmann, Michael Landesmann and Dirk Solte, the demography expert Reiner Klingholz, Meteorologist Helga Kromp-Kolb, the human rights expert Manfred Nowak, as well as the political and security expert Christian von Soest. The volume concludes with an essay by the computer scientist and forerunner of a “world in balance”, Franz Josef Radermacher.

The interviews are initiated with compact information. The contributions of Peter Webinger and Alexander Schahbasi, both from the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, cover the complex issue in many facets. Claus Reitan interpretes the book as an “attempt to address and show some data, analyzes, forecasts and strategies on population development as well as on migration and its causes”. The entrepreneur and Africa expert Hans Stoisser calls it “a necessary basis for one’s own opinion”.

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Claus Reitan (Hg): The New Migration of Migrants – Causes of Migration
Hardcover, 144 pages, 10 illustrations ISBN: 978-3-902494-76-4, Price: 25 Euro
Edition Steinbauer:

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