What Poetry Slammers do with Freedom

The “Young Poetry Slam” in Fresach 2017 was dedicated to the Motto “freedom for whom and for what”. The poetry contest was launched this year by a star guest from Germany. Daniel Wagner from Heidelberg delivered a parody on the PEGIDA movement right from the start – and out of competition.

With his “Käsida” tirade Wagner called the “cheese fascists against the salamisation of the evening bread”. With numerous funny cheese-talkings he brought the audience to laughter and nevertheless found a serious conclusion: “Diversity means wealth – and fascism is always cheese”.

The most votes by the audience got Carinthian slammers Estha Sackl (Are you coming to the tree), G. von der Tschern Gerhard Pleschberger (freedom), Patricia “Trisha” Radda (UnFree) and Sabrina Öhler (freedom and hopefully tomorrow). All the others, Sebastian Kokesch, local champion Patrick Steiner, Lukas Hofbauer and Tara Meister landed in the “back” places. As another guest slammer, the Viennese Slammer Simon Tomaz was welcomed by Slam-if-you-can! CEO Carmen Kassekert.

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