EU survives only through further Development

The European Union did quite well during the pandemic. But in order for the pan-European project to really have a future, it needs the will to change. That was the rsult of the panel discussion “New globalization, old nationalisms” at the start of the European tolerance talks on Thursday in Fresach. In any case, the aim is to create “legal equality for all”.

As the number of vaccinations increases, the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to an end, now it’s about the long-term consequences, said political researcher Ulrike Guérot from Danube University Krems. However, an obstacle to a pan-European solution to social consequences is that this falls under national competencies. “Let’s really be European citizens,” she called for the EU Future Conference. Because only legal equality for all EU citizens would be the completion of the European project. More on pressetext.

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