Growing Inequality threatens Peace and Freedom

The consequences of excessive economic growth and the growing inequality in the world due to the overexploitation of fossil and regenerative resources are the focus of the 9th European Tolerance Talks (ETG), which begin on Wednesday evening in Carinthia. More than 30 thinkers will take part in the dialogue forums, which will take place in the Bambergsaal of the city of Villach (May 24th) and in the Tolerance Center Fresach (May 25th to 27th). ETG organizer Wilfried Seywald hopes for significantly more visitors after the pandemic.

With the question “Growth in the end – what now?” the organizers of Denk.Raum.Fresach show the dilemma in which the developed societies of the modern world are stuck. Because if the previous political and economic course is maintained, the globe will steer directly into a climate catastrophe. If, on the other hand, growth is turned off, social revolts threaten. DRF Board of Trustees President Hannes Swoboda points to the consequences: “The unequal distribution of resources is leading to growing inequality in the world, and this inequality threatens peace, freedom and the security of all of us.”

Fresach opening speaker Marlene Streeruwitz already complained in a newspaper interview that growing inequality ultimately damages democracy because it undermines the trust of citizens and makes it difficult for democratic societies to make long-term collective decisions that benefit everyone and can be accepted by everyone . Swoboda agrees with many democratically elected politicians that a future worth living can only lead to more distributive justice – ultimately also to the advantage of the richer sections of the population. More on pressetext.

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