Emigrants can not be stopped

People who are looking for a new start in another country can not be stopped. They are looking for a better life and new perspectives, but also answers to questions about their homeland and the living conditions there. Only by sharing with others do they gain certainty and understanding. But they also put up with great difficulties, says Kosovo-born writer and poet Anton Marku, who will attend this year’s European tolerance talks.

Marku, who came to Austria ten years ago, sees his former homeland as an example of why experiences abroad are essential for the progress of his own home. “Intellectuals from Southeastern Europe, especially Kosovo, are leaving their homeland because they find it politically and socially unbearable, but most of all because they have very little to move in their own country, which is why they go abroad to study and gain new perspectives,” says Marku. “The decision to return is then more difficult than the decision to leave.” More on pressetext.

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