Carinthian Writers’ Union returns to Fresach

The traditional Carinthian Writers’ Association (KSV) will in future enrich the European Tolerance Talks as a source of ideas and a cooperation partner. Past President Gabriele Russwurm-Biró and the new President Alfred Woschitz will join the Board and the Board of Trustees of the Tolerance Talks. This was announced by DRF chairman Superintendent Manfred Sauer on Tuesday at the program presentation of the tolerance talks in Klagenfurt.

The “return” of the writers’ association to Fresach has good reasons and a long history. The association, which has existed since 1969, organized under its then president Walther Nowotny (1924-1997) in the Upper Carinthian climatic health resort of Fresach from 1972 to 1996 – for a total of 25 years – the “International Writers’ Conference”, which dominated the Carinthian literary scene, especially in the early years. The whole history of the Fresach Writers’ Days was documented in detail by KSV member and author Peter Kersche (pictured with Gabriele Russwurm-Biró). More on presstext

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