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Emotional systems drive Change

The well-known Munich neuromarketing expert Hans-Georg Häusel explained in his introductory statement “How does the new come into the world” that it is primarily the emotional systems that drive us. It is the ongoing tension in the brain that people try to balance and thereby intuitively cause change. Two central tasks drive humans evolutionarily. survival
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Fresach clears away “Pandemic Debris”

Tolerance in times of the pandemic – this means fairness and leadership are required. It is precisely when things are not going well politically or economically that the true character of people and systems becomes apparent. How and why we have to redefine advancing globalization will be discussed by experts at the 7th European Tolerance
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Artificial Intelligence for more Fairness

Future thinker Max Thinius from Berlin said that citizens and society can find more fairness again with artificial intelligence. Digitization will lead to a new globalization, we will leave the industrial age and the alienation of our means of production behind us by thinking differently, digitally and networked. More on pressetext.
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