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The Encounter with the Strange brightens

Right-wing parties provide an outdated picture and false narrative of Europe. They transfigure the nation and the warlike past and declare everything foreign to be an enemy. “The idea of ​​a united Europe, in which different cultures live together peacefully, therefore has to be retold again and again, and many do not understand what the
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Agriculture can benefit from urbanization

Agriculture can benefit from growing urbanization and the spread of cities. But for this purpose, the obstruction of agricultural land in the wider environment must stop. Only if there are enough fertile soils farmers can supply enough of the urban space and thus secure their economic future, believes Kurt Weinberger, CEO of the Austrian Hail
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Tourismus Forum Villach to discuss Value of Home

Austria benefits from mountains and lakes and a culture of hospitality that has been well maintained and developed over decades. But more and more people are worried about sell-outs and alienation in their own country. Experts at the International Tourism Forum Villach, which takes place on June 5 in the afternoon at the Hotel Holiday
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