Corona paves the way for mass tourism

Corona is an opportunity to redefine travel and put it in a planetary context. Now that the tourism industry is at a standstill, a move away from insatiable mass tourism and the destruction of the environment is possible. With this statement, “travel philosopher” Klaus Kufeld opened the discussion on the tourism forum of the 6th European Tolerance Talks, in which over 120 interested tourist experts participated live.

Travel as a school subject

“Humans have always been mobile. All of our development has always resulted in exodus. Only through movement can we work on ourselves and on the world,” the founder of the Ernst Boch Center in Ludwigshafen said. However, the excessive mass tourism of today threatens to stifle human development. “The world is becoming monotonous. More and more people can travel, but we’ve discovered everything in globalization and everything under control in digitalization.” Kufeld sees a rethink as essential for future generations. Traveling as a school subject would be an important first step for the philosopher.

Author Henriette Schröder agreed with Kufeld, but sees digitalization as a factor for the monotonization of the world. “As a result, curiosity and adventure are often lost.” Of course, the advance of technological development will make things much easier and more convenient. “But a trip should always be a bit of an adventure. If I only rely on the information on the Internet, it means losing all initiative,” criticized Schröder. More on pressetext. (wh)

The whole session on Youtube.

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