21st May

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors & Guests
4 p.m.Radio KärntenRadio BroadcastEuropean Tolerance Talks 2015Live show hosted by Waltraud Jäger and interviews with speakers and performers of Fresach.
7 p.m.Hotel Holiday Inn VillachReceptionBuilding Bridges in EuropeIn the presence of the Mayor of Villach, the Governor of Carinthia, the President of Austria and the President of the European Parliament.

22nd May

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors & Guests
9 a.m.Fresach, Tolerance CenterWelcomeWelcomeSuperintendent Manfred Sauer, Mayor Gerhard Altziebler welcome guests and speakers. Welcome serenade by Fresach's elementary school.
9.30 a.m.Fresach, Tolerance CenterOpeningHow far does tolerance go? Comments on the role of state, economy and society.Welcome by DRF President Hannes Swoboda, Introduction by Governor Peter Kaiser and the President of Austria, Heinz Fischer. Key Note by Ronald Barazon, Chief Editor and Publisher of "Der Volkswirt"
10.30 a.m.Fresach, Tolerance CenterDiscussionHow far does Europe go? A discussion on the opportunities and risks misconceived tolerance.Public discussion with Hannes Swoboda, Eugen Freund, Helmut A. Niederle, Ronald Barazon and others, moderated by ORF-editor Sonja Sagmeister.
11.45 a.m.Fresach, Tolerance CenterLectureLectures de la modernitŽ "dŽcoloniale" dans la pensŽe africaine contemporaine.Zohra Bouchentouf-Siagh, linguist from Algiers, living in Vienna - Lecture in French with translation.
12.30 p.m.Gasthaus zum WirtBreakNetworking at the buffet
2 p.m.Tolerance CenterPanel 1Modernity, human rights and Islam: About the no man's land between cultures and the difficulties to understand each other.Talk with protestant bishop Michael Bünker, scientist Claudia Brunner (University of Klagenfurt), the authors Pravu Mazumdar and Sama Maani and Middle East expert Karin Kneissl, moderated by Martin Traxl (ORF)
4 p.m.Tolerance CenterLectureManagement by Tolerance: Leadership through motivation and creativity.Prof. Danica Purg, Bled School of Management, on the topic, what politics and society can learn from modern management methods.
4.30 p.m.Tolerance CenterPanel 2Migration, participation und media everyday life: Is tolerance for a long time overused or just at the beginning?Talk with social anthropologist Christa Markom, the writers Fabjan Hafner and Alois Brandstetter, Superintendent Manfred Sauer and Sr. Maria-Andreas Weissbacher, moderated by Jochen Bendele (Kleine Zeitung)
6 p.m.Tolerance CenterDeclarationFresach Resolution of Tolerance 2015Think.Tank.Fresach President Hannes Swoboda reading the resolution of the first European Tolerance Talks.
6.15 p.m.Open Plaza SquareGet-TogetherNetworking at the Village square, buffetStage appearance of Elisabeth and Ingomar Mattitsch, Alphorns and choral singing from Fresach.
8 p.m.Prayers HouseReading with vocalsPoetical Performance: The Roots of Tolerance and beyondLove Songs from Prison: Reading and chanting by and with Philo Ikonya, author, journalist and human rights activist from Nairobi (Kenya).
9 p.m.Open Plaza StageTolerance PartyBuilding Bridges Concert - Part 1Salah Ammo: Places and Directions. The life of a Syrian refugee. The musician and film composer is accompanied by Habib Samadi (percussion) und Mohammad Khodadadi (nai und kawala)
10 p.m.Open Plaza StageTolerance PartyBuilding Bridges Concert - Part 2Konstantin Wladigeroff (piano), Michel Nahabedian (saxophon), Dimitar Karamitev (flute) und Hans Tschiritsch (waterdrop-artwork):
Bulgarian Ethno-Jazz from "Dedicated Sounds", "Dreaming of Dreams" and "Wanderer in Love". Finally Jam-Session.

23rd May

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors & Guests
08:30 a.m.Gasthaus zum WirtTolerance BreakfastTolerance & more: Authors discussing with contemporaries. Open House.Familiarisation with present authors and presenters with students, interested participants and visitors.
10.00 a.m.Tolerance CenterYoung Poetry Slam Tolerance 20155 minutes tolerance: How far does patience go? And how close is this normal?Young thinkers, authors and musicians in competition. Jury and awarding by present audience. At the end awards ceremony.
12:00 p.m.Gasthaus zum WirtAwardingsFresach Tolerance Awards 2015Awards for authors, projects conferred by Denk.Raum.Fresach
12:30 p.m.FineFarewellAnnouncement Threat 2016 Say Goodbye to guests and visitors. Announcement major topic of tolerance talks 2016. Shuttle service.
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