30th May

BeginnOrtFormatThemaReferenten, Autoren und Gäste
7 p.m.Stadtkino VillachMovie premiere"Dil Leyla": Movie premiere with film producer Sabrina Proske in cooperation with Filmstudio of Stadtkino Villach.Welcome | Presentation of the movie director | Cinema show | Discussion with production team. Ticket sale.


31at May

BeginnOrtFormatThemaReferenten, Autoren & Gäste
9 a.m.Congress Center Villach Gottfried-von-Einem SaalTour de Liberté I: Freedom of speech & freedom of pressFreedom without borders - How does it work? How we can fight against restricting freedom of speech, press and choice. Introduction and moderation: Chief editor Ronald Barazon, Vienna
11 a.m.Congress Center Villach Gottfried-von-Einem SaalTour de Liberté II: Freedom of InternetFreedom without observation - Who prohibits it? From religious emancipation to self-abandonment in the digital age.Introduction and moderation: Meral Akin-Hecke, Austria's Digitall Champion 2013-2017 and Initiator of "WerdeDigital.at"
2 p.m.Congress Center Villach Gottfried-von-Einem SaalTour de Liberté III: Im DialogueDemocracy without voters - How does this work? How we protect us from artificial intelligence, computer assisted observation and political disarmament.The end of coincidence. How Big Data makes our life predictable. Moderation: Prof. Dr. Klaus Schönberger, Alps-Adria-University Klagenfurt
4 p.m.Congress Center Villach Gottfried-von-Einem SaalTour de Liberté IV: Freedom of choiceManipulating with language - How does it work? How language works and political decisions are made.Skype Lecture with Dr. Elisabeth Wehling, Linguist and cognition scientist at University of California, Berkely
6 p.m.Congress Center Villach Restaurant TerrasseWelcomePress reception and Welcome to The European Tolerance Talks 2017For guests, authors and lecturers, with the mayor of Villach, the Governor of Carinthia, Federal Minister of Culture and Media, et al.
7:30 p.m.Theater on the River BoatTheater premiereI, Zarah (by Franzobel)Gala premiere of "Neue Bühne Villach" on a Drava River Boat. Ticket sale.


1st June

BeginnOrtFormatThemaReferenten, Autoren & GŠäste
9 a.m.Fresach, Evang. ChurchOpeningThe future of freedom - Europe's civic society and the consequences of globalizationWith Federal Minister of Culture and Media Thomas Drozda, DRF-President Hannes Swoboda, Governor of Carinthia Peter Kaiser | Key Note by Anneliese Rohrer "Die Presse"
10:30-12:30 a.m.Fresach, Museum's Plaza (or House of Culture)Citizens' DialogueFreedom - What does it mean for me? Principles and contents for the Fresach Charta of Freedom."The future of freedom for each individual". Open dialogue at round tables (à 4 persons). Results collected and evaluated by the ETT editorial staff.
12 p.m.Fresach, Prayer houseMultimedia-PerformanceGlobal sound of poetry - Night of freedom. 24 hours of reading with authors from around the world.Marking 70 years of refoundation of the PEN-Club Austria. Authors read in their own language texts about freedom. Kick-off with Helmuth A. Niederle.
1 p.m.Fresach, Pastor's houseWorkshopCritics of freedom: Turkey under Erdogan and the consequences for state and citizens.The author and arabist Serafettin Yildiz will show which path Turkey will choose in the next couple of years. Attention: Limited number of participants.
2 p.m.Tolerance CenterPanel: Freedom of religionLuther and freedom – What remains from the Reformation?With Evangelical theologian Maria Moser, Msgr. Helmut Gfrerer, Islam commissioner Esad Memic, author Elisabeth Schrattenholzer a.o. Moderation: Claus Reitan.
3 p.m.Fresach, Pastor's houseWorkshopHappiness and Pain. How love can fool and freedom can make painless.With Pravu Mazumdar, Cultural philosopher, and Prof. Harald Kollegger, Neurologist. Attention: Limited number of participants.
4 p.m.Tolerance CenterTalkDoes freedom need democracy? Political scientist Dr. Vedran Dzihic interviewd by Martin Traxl (ORF).
4:30 p.m.Tolerance CenterPanel: Politics and FreedomThe illiberal democracy in answer to globalization. European nationalism and its future in Europe.Discussion with Peace researcher Werner Wintersteiner, Political scientist Vedran Dzihic, Historian Robert Streibel, Author Serafettin Yildiz et al. lead by Martin Traxl (ORF)
5 p.m.Fresach, Pastor's house. In case of sunny weather open-airWorkshop: Body trainingFrom the belly and away from the liver – Integration and freedom begin in your own body. In a moving journey through the body, we trace the stories that live in us. Ulli Moschen, Germanist, anthropologist, journalist, author and dancer. For participants over 13 years of age.
6 p.m.Inn "Zum Wirt"Discourse | Editorial ConferenceFresach Charta of Freedom Discussion and final editing in a small circle.Final editing of collected contents regarding personal freedom. Moderated by communication coach Karin Krobath.
8 p.m.Tolerance CenterLecture and PerformanceFreedom, that I like.70 Years of Reconstructuring PEN-Club Austria.With PEN-President Helmuth A. Niederle, Kurt F. Svatek a.o.
9 p.m.Tolerance CenterFestival of ToleranceBulut, Fatma, Ask: Clouds, Songs, Love.Musical performance by Özlem Bulut & Band. The internationally successfull Kurdish-turkish opera and jazz singer lives in Vienna and has been awarded several times with the European Music Award. Jazz, Pop and Soul.


2nd June

BeginnOrtFormatThemaReferenten, Autoren & GŠäste
9 a.m.Tolerance CenterKey noteThe future of economy: Freedom as an innovation driver?Opening speech Tolerance Forum Fresach: Sabine Herlitschka, Infineon. Preview: LR Christian Benger.
10 a.m.Tolerance CenterTalkCapitalism and freedom – make values comprehensible. Prof. Klaus Ottomeyer, political scientist, in conversation with editor Thomas Cik (Kleine Zeitung)
10:30 a.m.Tolerance CenterTolerance Forum 1: Free marketsAn economy for all of us: Utopia or already accomplished? Was the implementation of free movement of persons, goods and capital a mistake?Market round: Discussion with Prof. Klaus Ottomeyer, Ingun Kluppenegger, Jürgen Roth, Julia Petschnig. Moderation by Thomas Cik (Kleine Zeitung).
11 a.m.Fresach, Pastor's houseWorkshopHow can we face diversity in a positive way. With small steps to more freedom.Raising resilience and resistance with more mindfullness. Developing realistic goals and feeling self-efficacy. Bea Einetter, Leisure educator.
12 p.m.Tolerance CenterTalkPower and control - The elites and their antagonists.Jürgen Roth, investigative journalist and author of books like "The Silent Coup", "The Deep State", "The Spider Web of Power" interviewed by Sonja Sagmeister (ORF).
12:30 p.m.Tolerance CenterTalkFear as a price of freedom. How we can overcome the impossible and create what is possible.Philosopher and author Prof. Peter Heintel interviewed by Sonja Sagmeister (ORF).
1 p.m.Fresach, Pastor's houseWorkshopThe power of language. Insights in the art of peaceful communication.Language training with author and communication coach Elisabeth Schrattenholzer.
2 p.m.Tolerance CenterTalkThe freedom of going everywhere I want. Carinthia and its emigration problem. What comes next?Geographer and demographer Elisabeth Gruber interviewd by Peter Fritz (ORF).
2:30 p.m.Tolerance CenterTolerance Forum 2: Free tradeGlobalization and Regionalization - Does trade make us free? How experts, economists, entrepreneurs see the development.Trade round: Discussion with Johann Sollgruber (Head of the representative office of the European Commission in Austria), Future scientist Peter Zellmann, Geographer Elisabeth Gruber, mayor Günther Albel, Igor Sekardi (IV) a.o. Moderated by Peter Fritz (ORF).
3 p.m.Fresach, Pastor's houseWorkshopWomen in church – Women in Islam Freedom vs. tradition. What can we learn from each other?With Hassan Baroud, author and arabist, and evang. theologian Maria Moser. Attention: Limited number of participants.
4 p.m.Tolerance CenterTalkBureaucracy? No, thank's!The fight of young beauty entrepreneur Katja Wagner against Austrian bureaucracy. Insights in a life of an entrepreneur.
4:30 p.m.Tolerance CenterTolerance Forum 3: Free EntrepreneurshipCapitalism and bureaucracy: How much freedom does the economy need?Entrepreneur's round: on the conditions for young entrepreneurs compared to international standards. With Jochen Ressel, Christiane Holzinger, Sabrina Schütz-Oberländer, and Rolf Holub a.o. Moderation by Jochen Bendele (Kleine Zeitung).
8 p.m.Tolerance CenterFestival of ToleranceSongs I like. Musical memories ...Live in Concert: The Austrian Jazz duo Christoph Christoph Pepe Auer (Saxophon) & Manu Delago (Percussion).


3rd June

BeginnOrtFormatThemaReferenten, Autoren & GŠäste
08:30 a.m.Inn "Zum Wirt"Tolerance BreakfastThe future of freedom: Authors discuss with contemporaries. Open House.Meeting authors, scientists, students, guests and participants.
10 a.m.Tolerance CenterYoung Poetry Slam Topic: "Freedom" Agony of freedom. Freedom of choice. Stopping hesitation. How long does freedom last? 10 young poets competing against each other. Audience picks the winners.
12 p.m.Tolerance CenterAward CeremonyFresach Tolerance Prizes 2017Awarding authors, projects et al.
12:30 p.m.EndFinalAnnouncement Topic 2018 Farewell to all guests. Shuttle-Service to the railway stations and further.
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