19th May 2021 – YOUTH FORUM >> FH Villach and online

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors & Guests
09.00 a.m.Fachhochschule Villach
Lecture and discussion
Moderation: Margarethe
Growing with fairness: How we better understand feelings and learn to foresee the consequences.With behavior researcher Elisabeth Oberzaucher et al.
11.00 a.m.Fachhochschule Villach
Lecture and discussion
Moderation: Roland Gruber
World class with fairness: How we overcome real, alleged and artificial differences.With Jochen Wollmert, table tennis European and world champion, et al.


19th May 2021 – TOURISM FORUM >> FH Villach and online

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors & Guests
09:00 a.m.Fachhochschule Villach
Tourism manifestoRethinking tourism:
Results of the impulse4travel think tank.
With Catharina Fischer from Tourismuszukunft.de et al.
10:00 a.m.Fachhochschule Villach
WorkshopDiscussion of results in working groups:
1. Change and expectations of the guests 2. Strategy and business model 3. Company organization and employees 4. Ecology and sustainability.
With working group leaders Stefan Nungesser, Catharina Fischer, Johannes Böhm and Roland Sint.
12:00 a.m.Fachhochschule Villach
PresentationAfter Covid-19: Mastering the future of tourism Presentation of the Villach resultsWith Stefan Nungesser, Catharina Fischer, Johannes Böhm and Roland Sint.
02:00 p.m.Fachhochschule Villach
Tourism Forum I
FAIR:WAY | The new reality in tourism
Fair tourism: Why respect and mindfulness? Building bridges together in the Alps – New Strategies for sustainability. Keynote speech by Theresa Haid, Manager of vitalpin.org.
02:30 p.m.Fachhochschule Villach

Panel discussion
Moderation: Thomas Cik, Kleine Zeitung
Resonance instead of acceleration:
Back to the roots?
With Catharina Fischer (tourismuszukunft.de), Theresa Haid (vitalpin) and others.
04:00 p.m.Fachhochschule Villach Tourism Forum II
FAIR:PLAY | The new ethics in tourism
Fair business: Why sustainability matters.
New rules for global travel.
Keynote speech by Martina von Münchhausen, World Wildlife Fund Germany.
04:30 p.m.Fachhochschule VillachPanel discussion
Moderation: Harald Hafner, Travel Industry Club Austria
Sharing instead of claiming: How fair is the tourism industry? And how fair play could work in practice.With Johannes Böhm, Florian Bauhuber (Tourismuszukunft.de) and others.
06:00 p.m.VillachBreakBreakBreak
07:00 p.m.Fachhochschule VillachReceptionAn evening under the motto Fairness.
Access for invited guests only.
With Carinthian governor Dr. Peter Kaiser et al.


20th May 2021 – EUROPEAN FORUM >> Museum Fresach and online

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors and Guests
09.00 a.m.Fresach, Evang. ForumOpeningFairness, or what? Tolerance in times of the pandemic.With ETG president Hannes Swoboda, Superintendent Manfred Sauer and Reinhard Rohr, president of the Landtag.
09.15 a.m.Fresach, Evang. ForumKey NoteWhy Fairness? For what equality?
Or: Why I want to love Europe.
Seyran Ateş, lawyer, author and women's rights activist from Berlin.
11.00 a.m.Tolerance CenterEuropaforum I
Politics & Society
New globalization, old nationalisms: Tolerance in times of pandemic. The power and impotence of politics.Panel discussion with Eastern Europe expert Cornelius Granig, democracy researcher Ulrike Guérot (Danube University Krems) and Sonja Sagmeister-Brandner (ORF).
00:30 p.m.FresachLunchtimeLunchtimeLunchtime
02:00 p.m.Tolerance CenterTalk in oneLimiting instead of demarcation and exclusion:
About the responsible handling of minorities.
Social anthropologist Ingrid Thurner in conversation with Martin Traxl (ORF).
03:00 p.m.Tolerance CenterLecture:
Power of language
How fair is language to reality? Conditions for reliable and fair communication in everyday life.With linguist Elisabeth Schrattenholzer.
04:00 p.m.FresachBreakBreakBreak
04:30 p.m.Tolerance CenterTalk in one
Changing democracy
Strong authorities, weak democracies:
An answer to authoritarian reactionaries.
Author and editor Roger de Weck in conversation with Martin Traxl (ORF).
04:30 p.m.Community hallLanguage trainingLet's communicate about fairness:
Arguments for a better world.
With language trainer Marion Wisinger, Vienna.
05:15 p.m.Tolerance CenterEuropaforum II
Democracy & Human rights
Beautiful world, ugly reality: Fairness and justice in the Bible, Torah and Koran and their effects on today's democracies and autocracies.With Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister, Islam expert Fatma Akay-Türker and the Protestant theologian N.N. Moderation: Claus Reitan.
06:30 p.m.FresachBreakBreakBreak
07:30 p.m.Tolerance CenterFestival of ToleranceFAIRNESS aphorisms. Readings with PEN Club Austria.With Sarita Jenamani, Saba Kidane, Franka Lechner and Lorena Pircher.
08:30 p.m.Tolerance CenterFestival of ToleranceEuropean Tolerance Award 2021 for Democracy and Human Rights by the City of Villach and PEN Club.Official announcement and honoring the laureate.
09:00 p.m.Private hostsKitchen talksFairness in daily life: Literary interventions.With authors, guests and participants of the European Tolerance Talks 2021.


21st May 2021 – ECONOMIC FORUM >> Museum Fresach and online

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors and Guests
09:00 a.m.Tolerance CenterLecture
Economy & Society
The fairness formula:
Determining justice mathematically.
Herbert Luethy, insurance expert and group leader, Zurich.
10:00 a.m.Tolerance CenterMorning Talk
Politics & Economy
A question of fairness:
How do you become socially just?
Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe in conversation with Sonja Sagmeister-Brandner (ORF).
10:30 a.m.Tolerance CenterEconomic Forum I
People & Economy
In the fairness check: How fair is globalization?With EU expert Valentin Wedl (AK), social scientist Barbara Prainsack, poverty researcher Magdalena Holztrattner and others Moderation: Sonja Sagmeister-Brandner (ORF).
12:00 a.m.FresachLunchtimeLunchtimeLunchtime
02:00 p.m.Tolerance CenterPresentation
Regional development
Fair business: The future thinks differently.
About the opportunities for rural regions.
With future thinker and trend scout Max Thinius from Berlin.
03:00 p.m.Tolerance CenterEconomic Forum II
Digital Transformation
Digital villages: Where is globalization going?With globalization philosopher Franz Nahrada, Max Thinius, regional councilor Gaby Schaunig, donor Mariella Schurz, FiW federal chairwoman Martha Schultz. Moderation: Peter Fritz (ORF).
04:00 p.m.FresachBreakBreakBreak
04:30 p.m.Tolerance CenterTalk in one
Human Relations
Symphonic wisdom
Why managers need to encourage people and why music can help.
The composer and philosopher Rainer Bischof in conversation with Thomas Cik (Kleine Zeitung).
05:00 p.m.Tolerance CenterEconomic Forum III
Management & Leadership
At the limit: Leadership and fairness in times of crisis.Panel discussion with Rainer Bischof, Leadership-expert Peter Baumgartner, Iris Straßer (WdF), executive researcher Günther Tengel and others moderated by Thomas Cik (Kleine Zeitung).
06:00 p.m.Tolerance CenterBackground discussion
& guided tour
FAIRNESS: Special exhibition 2021With exhibition curator Alexander Hanisch-Wolfram.
08:00 p.m.Tolerance CenterYoung Poetry SlamFix and done: Why fairness? About the utopia of equals among equals. Public voting moderated by Lukas Hofbauer.


22nd May 2021 – POETS FORUM >> Gasthaus “zum Wirt” only

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors and Guests
08:30 a.m.Gasthaus "Zum Wirt"Tolerance Breakfast
Poets' Forum
The new Globalization. Authors discuss with participants. Open House.Get-together with present authors, students, interested participants and visitors.
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