11th May

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors & Guests
7 a.m.Former Parkhotel Villach, Großer BambergsaalReceptionTolerance without bordersAddress of welcome for the authors in the presence of the Mayor of Villach Günther Albel and the Governor of Carinthia Peter Kaiser


12th May

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors & Guests
9 a.m.Fresach, Evang. ChurchOpeningThe Borders of Europe: Human Rights and the Consequences of Climate Change Welcome by DRF-President Hannes Swoboda. Introduction by the Governor of Carinthia Peter Kaiser | Key Note by Prof. Klaus Töpfer, Former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
10.30 a.m.Fresach, Evang. ChurchDiscussionGlobalization and Climate Change: Scenarios for a better future without (new) borders.Statement by the physician Niyazi Serdar Sarıçiftçi, Public discussion with Prof. Klaus Töpfer, climatologist Helga Kromp-Kolb, Hannes Swoboda and lyric poet Seher Çakır. Presented by Claus Reitan (Chief Editor).
12 a.m.Fresach, Evang. ChurchLectureClimate Reality: Americas Plan for Clean Power. An open Speech to the World.Senator Marc R. Pacheco (Massachusetts), President Pro Tempore. Lecture in English!
12 a.m. - 2 p.m.Fresach, ParsonagePain WorkshopPain perception and analgesia: About the memory of pain in learning processesUniv. Prof. Dr. Harald Kollegger, pain expert, neurologist und author. Attention: Limited number of participants.
2 p.m.Tolerance CenterPanel 1What does Climate Change cost? Ecological and economical considerations from an European view.Discussion with environmental scientist Verena Winiwarter, risk economist Franz Prettenthaler, National Council of Environment and
Energy in Carinthia Rolf Holub, economist Karl Steininger, President of the Industrial Association in Carinthia Christoph Kulterer und author Hassan Baroud. Presented by Peter Fritz (ORF).
4 p.m.Tolerance CenterDialogueEurope's Dilemma:Climate refugees and the borders of the reasonable.Reinhard Merkel, professor in criminal law and legal philosophy Hamburg, talk with Peter Fritz (ORF).
4.30 p.m.Tolerance CenterPanel 2Strategies against Mass Migration: Causes, Consequences and the Crisis of Human Rights.Discussion with legal philosopher Reinhard Merkel, cultural philosopher Pravu Mazumdar, Africa expert Harald Stoisser, political scientist Ishraga Mustafa Hamid, peace researcher Bettina Gruber. Presented by Claus Reitan (Chief Editor).
6 p.m.Muesum's PlazaGet-TogetherNetworking Multimedia, Arts and Church. Exhibition and Performance. Opportunity for sharing informations, chatting and getting in touch.
8 p.m.Tolerance CenterState of the Union AddressAbout the Fragility of the Concept of Nation.Inofficial State of the Austrian Union Address. With Karl Ferdinand Kratzl, comedian, actor and author.
9 p.m.Evangelical Church FresachConcertEchoes from ArmeniaLive in Concert: Karen Asatrian andBand.


13th May

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors & Guests
8.30 a.m.Museum's PlazaPerformance ArtDomino 37,501: Ceilings and the destiny of refugees.Performance art project by journalist and environmentalist Gerhard Leeb
9 a.m.Tolerance CenterOpeningOld forntiers, new moats: Why we need Climate Change in Europe?Opening statement at Tolerance Forum Fresach: Claus Reitan. Moderation PEN-President Helmuth A. Niederle.
9.45 a.m.Tolerance CenterLectureClimate Change and Human Rights: How to deal with big desasters. Hurricane Katrina, Deep Horizon and the consequences.Stephen Bradberry, community organizer in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) speaks about his experience at the reconstructure after hurrican Katrina and about the consequences of the oil catastrophe BP Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico.
11 a.m.Tolerance CenterTolerance Forum 1Migration and Integration: Strategies how to deal with the worries of the citizens and paroles of the right.Strategy Round: Public discusion with migration expert Peter Huber (WIFO), oeconomist Henning VÖPEL (HWWI), the authors Lev Detela (Slovenia), Şerafettin Yıldız (Turkey), Herbert Ritsch (Bankhaus Schelhammer&Schattera), Moderation Sonja Sagmeister (ORF).
12 a.m.Personage FresachFelicity Workshop About the condition of the possibility of well-working encounters with others.The German-Indian cultural philosopher Pravu Mazumdar shows how the "craft of encounter" works. Limited number of participants.
12.30 p.m.Evangelical Church FresachDialogueTolerance in conflict: Climate Change and its Challenges concerning Enlightenment and Human Rights.Dr. Bernhard Perchinig, Senior Research Officer at the International Centre for Migration Development Policy, dialogue with Sonja Sagmeister (ORF).
2 p.m.Tolerance CenterTolerance Forum 2Commitment and self-initiative: Practical advices for a better cohabitation. About the experience of immigrants and the importance of a free press.NGO Round: Public discussion with Bernhard Perchinig (Integrationsfonds), social anthropologist Christa Markom, Sarita Jenamani (India), Chibo Onyeji (Nigeria), Nahid Bagheri-Goldschmied (Iran), Moderation Otmar Lahodynsky (profil).
4 p.m.Tolerance CenterDialogueMigration and Labour Market: Chances and risks for the social integration at the labour market.Migration expert Peter Huber (WIFO), talk with Jochen Bendele (Kleine Zeitung).
4.30 p.m.Tolerance CenterTolerance Forum 3Integration vs. Assimilation: Practical advices for local politicians and hosts.Municipal Round: With priest Hans-Peter Premur (Krumpendorf), Hubert Stotter (Diakonie), mayor Günther Albl and the authors Şerafettin Yıldız and Harald Kollegger; Moderation Jochen Bendele.
6 p.m.Museum's PlazaSPEECH FinalContributions of the Carinthian speakers competition Multimedia, Arts and Church at the Museum's Plaza (in case of rain in the Evangelical Church), u.a. "Best-of" speakers school-competition concerning the topic "Borders".
8 p.m.Evangelical Church FresachSpeeches about Tolerance"Der Tolerator""Tolerance is not only a recognized virtue. It is also an exciting and inexpensive hobby." Cabaret show with Thomas Maurer.


14th May

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors & Guests
8.30 a.m.Inn "Zum Wirt"Tolerance BreakfastEurope without Borders: Authors talk with contemporaries. Open House.Getting in touch with authors, moderators and students, interested participants and guests.
10 a.m.Tolerance CenterYoung Poetry Slam Subject: "Borders"Excluding, isolating, defining. 5 minutes to the border. 5 Minuten borderless.10 young poets andthinkers in competition. Voting by the audience.
12 a.m.Tolerance CenterAward Presentation CeremonyFresach Tolernca Talks2016Awarding authors, projects, etc.
12.30 p.m.EndFinalAnnouncement Topic 2017Farewell by the organizers. Shuttle-Service to the railway stations Paternion-Feistritz, Villach and further.
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