Das Leben ist zu kurz, um negativ zu denken

Personal blows of fate and crises should not be unnecessarily paralyzed by fears and inner doubts. The naturopath and athlete Christina Wechsel knows this from her own experience: Although she lost a leg in an accident in Australia, she did not lose her heart. As part of the Youth Forum of the European Tolerance Talks, she will share her experiences on May 27th, how to look positively into the future. http://christinawechsel.com

pressetext: At the European Tolerance Talks you will talk about “Future without Limits: Why the Horizon Never Ends”. But so many people are afraid of this future. What do you say to them?
Wechsel: You are often afraid of things you do not know, with which you have no experience. The brain automatically warns us of things that we do not know, because it always wants to save life by evolution, by reminding us of dangers, things that did not work well. This gives us limitations, which is the reason for the fear. But if you are open to things, open to change, you can see what wonderful and versatile possibilities there are.

Where do you get the strength for your optimism from?
Wechsel: I was brought up like this, with great self-worth. I have parents who have always believed in me, who have laid a wonderful foundation in my life. From my own experience I have found that negative thinking does not help me. That has never created anything positive in my life. Life is too short to think negatively. The interview continues on pressetext.

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