The Carinthian village Fresach is an ideal place for the European dialogue about tolerance/acceptance, inclusion/integration and human rights. This is based on the centuries-long struggle of the local people for religious freedom and self-determination, and the goal of developing a dialogue-oriented approach to overcome conflicts.

Fresach as the intersection of intellectual, sectarian and political currents provides the ground for a series of events which position themselves at the European level and so can become a hub for ideas and dealing with the unknown or new. The keywords are migration, xenophobia and civil society.

Fresach can boast a good tradition: From 1972 to 1993 until the fall of the Iron Curtain, a small community of international writers met to discuss ways out of the East-West conflict. The Denk.Raum.Fresach continues this tradition and links back to the of urgency of East-West dialogue (Russia and China) with the ever more urgently needed dialogue with North-South, (Africa, Islam).

Fresach stands for dialogue, a new start and a another beginning. Fresach represents the future of Europe as a continent of understanding between cultures, languages and ethnicities. Nothing and no one can doubt that prosperity and wealth come solely from co-operation and togetherness, and not of delimitation and distance.

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