Economic Forum: Business-Trips no longer up-to-date

More really sustainable action in business life and probably also a little bit waiver: Only in this way can the climate be saved even after the Coronoa crisis, as the panel discussion “Get out of the comfort zone” as part of the European Tolerance Talks 2020 on Friday morning showed. The over-bureaucratic state should take a step back, too, in order to leave more room for potentially good ideas. However, it remains questionable how much waiver really makes sense or would even be accepted by people.

Sensibly less travel

The corona crisis has shown that fewer flies are good for the climate, and that could have an impact. “When I think of the many cheap flights, where a taxi to the airport costs more than the flight itself, something goes wrong,” said Norbert Zimmermann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Berndorf AG. That is a problem especially in connection with today’s mass tourism. “The least sustainable is the journey,” criticized journalist and sustainability communicator Claus Reitan.

In any case, business trips are likely to become fewer even after the Corona crisis. “The pressure comes from our employees,” explained Stefan Bergsmann, Austria’s head of management consultancy Horváth & Partners. Zimmermann admonished, of course, to rethink to what extent business trips are really unnecessary. “I can hardly stand seeing people only in two dimensions,” he described video meetings that are currently common. With regard to tourist travel, he also emphasized that the youth should be allowed to to experience the world. More on pressetext.

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