EU vs. Corona: Debts are without alternatives

Europe must use the solution to the Corona crisis to reform its economic system. Justice is the order of the day, especially in the tax system. Fair distribution is also a must in agriculture, as is innovation and creativity. In this way, Europe not only survives the crisis, but also emerges stronger from it. This was the conclusion reached by the Economic Forum of the European Tolerance Talks in Fresach on Friday afternoon.

Emerging stronger from the crisis

For economic researcher Margit Waltraud Schratzenstaller-Altzinger, radical measures are necessary to cope with the devastating effects of the crisis in the first place. “The work has only just begun here. There is no alternative to borrowing in Austria or anywhere else in the EU,” said the expert.

“There are currently two extreme trends: One wants to get back to normal as quickly as possible so that people can travel, consume and produce. The other trend sees the crisis as an opportunity for reform. The latter direction is far more forward-looking. Now is the time to invest in future projects”, says Schratzenstaller-Altzinger. Improvements in the area of ​​education, environmental protection, care or harvest helpers should already be initiated today. Politicians should set the course for this as soon as possible. More on pressetext.

The whole session to watch on Youtube:

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