European Tolerance Talks

Every year before Pentecost (in May), the Carinthian mountain village Fresach for a week the scene of the “European tolerance talks”. Internationally renowned thinkers, writers and scientists speak here about big issues of the future and disktutieren with the audience possible approaches and solutions. The competition is interested people from all walks of life. The events are open to everyone.

The speakers and providers of ideas include not only writers and experts from other lands but also local practitioners and decision-makers. This is, however, not about lecturing, but diverse and colorful dialogue of equals. Controversial discussions of the knowledge base, the status quo of research and the problems of our time will be live at the center. Surrounded by nature, the participants have the opportunity to meet exciting pulse and rediscover their own critical thinking.


Under this heading are regularly – organized evening lectures, seminars, symposiums and conferences on different aspects of political and social discourse in Fresach as well as other places of Carinthia – in cooperation with the Alpen-Adria University. “Fresach” is symbol and symbol of a new understanding and cooperative and respectful relationship with the other, stranger. The courses are practical and deal with topics such as politics and Europe, economic and cultural diversity, technology, education and youth.

Annual Exhibition in the Tolerance Centre

The New Museum Fresach – in addition to a permanent exhibition on the history of Protestantism in Carinthia – every year from late April to 31 October, a thematic exhibition on a topic of social relevance. The special exhibition in 2014 under the title “Half the Sky” was dedicated to “women’s equality”. The Annual Exhibition 2015 was devoted to the motto “Voting Power – The Evangelical and their songs”.

Fresach Summer School

The Fresacher Summer School is an educational and training program for young people aged 14 years and who need to improve conversational and collaborative conflict resolution. In single or multi-week courses, young people from diverse backgrounds and language will get an opportunity to deal in the interdisciplinary atmosphere Fresachs and excel under the guidance of proven experts in particular subjects.

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