Tolerance International: From Siena, London and Plovdiv to Fresach

The organizing team of Denk.Raum.Fresach and its cooperation partners presented the program of the European Tolerance Talks 2019 on Tuesday 22nd January in Klagenfurt. On the podium were Villach City Councilor Harald Sobe, Fresach-President Hannes Swoboda, psychotherapist Margarethe Prinz-Büchl, Superintendent Manfred Sauer and PEN Vice-President Harald Kollegger.

Among other things, the preview stated that the tolerance talks this year are more international than ever. Poets and thinkers from over 15 countries come to Carinthia the week before Pentecost to reflect on the European identity and changes in the global balance of power.

For the opening, the Italian alto philologist Maurizio Bettini of the University of Siena could be won, who will talk about the deceptive myths of European roots. Most interesting also is the literary scholar Rüdiger Görner from London, who will explain the Brexit and its consequences for Europe. And from this year’s Capital of Culture “Engelszungen” author Dimitré Dinev will appear in Fresach.

Host of Fresach’s preview in Klagenfurt was the initiator of the art project “For Forest”, Klaus Littmann, who explained his temporary tree installation “The unbroken attraction of nature” in Klagenfurt football stadium planned this autum. (ws)

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