Globalization compass presented in Fresach

For the Austrian Chamber of Labor, the corona pandemic has shown the limits of the globalized world. With lockdowns, the restriction of freedom of movement and new border controls in the middle of Europe, production routes were suddenly interrupted and just-in-time deliveries made impossible. Medicines and protective masks such as gloves were missing because their production had long since migrated to Asia.

“What we need now is a different, new globalization,” concluded Valentin Wedl, AK Vienna expert for the EU and international affairs, on Friday at the European Tolerance Talks in the Carinthian mountain village of Fresach. In order to underline this long overdue demand, the Chamber of Labor published the first “Globalization Compass”, an orientation aid for a just world economy. It is a first for Fresach, as well as for Austria – the first institutional overview of the globalized business world. Continue on pressetext.

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