Hans-Juergen Jacobs on 7th June in Fresach

The well-known German business journalist Hans-Jürgen Jakobs, bestselling author of “Who Owns the World: The Power Relationships in Global Capitalism”, will speak on Friday June 7 at the European Tolerance Talks in Fresach on the risks of selling land, economy and Industry. If the interests of the rich and powerful of this world are at stake, then Europe is a worthwhile goal.

For example, internationally active investors are now buying into European companies, taking over vital utilities and infrastructure and securing the best fillets in the industry, and even determining the prices of goods and services. Hans-Jürgen Jakobs warns in an interview with pressetext news agency about the risks of this sell-off.

Not the superpowers, but corporations and their investors are the real threat to Europe, says Jakobs. A few oligopoly companies could set conditions in global markets, set prices and dictate labor and market conditions. The citizens of Europe would hardly know about the true balance of power. But development affects us all, it’s about taxes and income. Only if politics and citizens are well informed, the right decisions could be made. More in German on pressetext.

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