“Learning by Dying”: Climate change costs lives

“The cause and effect of climate change are far apart in time. This is precisely why we must now be aware that we need to act because beside all the money climate change costs, it costs first and foremost lives. I call it ‘learning by dying'”, said the Carinthian environmental politician Rolf Holub at the European tolerance talks in the mountain village Fresach http://fresach.org.

“Climate change is administrated”

The fact that the impact of harmful actions hits only future generations, dampens the motivation to fight climate change it today. Environmental historian Verena Winiwarter claimes from politics primarily a comprehensive system of incentives for social change, including the introduction of a global environmental tax, the change of promotion and new ways of planning policy. “At present, climate change is administrated, but not prevented. That is not enough,” criticizes Winiwarter. Peace researcher Bettina Gruber demands simultaneously to move away from national sensitivities and finally to develop a global strategy of cooperation.

Economists provide figures

In addition to the clear reference to death, misery and displacement which are caused by greenhouse emissions of highly industrialized countries in many parts of the world, the risk researcher Franz Prettenthaler and economist Karl Steininger also provided specific figures. Depending on the shape of the temperature rise, they quantify the damage incurred in Austria alone four to eight billion euros per year. Christoph Kulterer, President of the Carinthian Association of Industrialists, demands a strong climate policy too . He, however, also points out that thus the competitiveness of the domestic economy should not suffer too much.

Stephen Bradberry knows first hand that climate change and the irresponsible use of the environment and nature costs lives. It is part of his daily work as a community organizer in New Orleans. In Fresach he talked about his own personal experiences in dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the oil disaster of Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico (pressetext reported: http://pte.com/news/20100610001).

Photos of the event are available for free download:
The afternoon panels in Fresach 2016: https://fotodienst.pressetext.com/album/3544

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