Maurizio Bettini to open European Tolerance Talks 2019

The classical philologist and anthropologist Maurizio Bettini from the University of Siena (Italy) will open the European Tolerance Talks 2019 with a keynote on the topic “Home Abroad Earth – Who owns Europe?” on the 6th of June in the Carinthian mountain village Fresach. Born in Brixen (South Tyrol), his latest book “Roots: The Deceptive Myths of Identity” has attracted a great deal of attention in German-language features.

Speaking to pressetext, he said that Europe’s peoples need to understand change as a natural process and not flee from fear of nationalism and isolation. Change is inevitable and migration is just one of many open questions. “The Europe I wish for is a Europe with citizens who are aware of their cultural heritage, including the great achievements of civil and human rights, as well as the tragic omissions and atrocities committed in the name of nationalist, religious and political ideologies have been violated in the past”, says Bettini.

The whole interview can be read here. More in German on pressetext

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