Recipes against “Predator Capitalism”

Cooperative management instead of predator capitalism: This is the vision of leadership expert Patrick D. Cowden for the company of the future. “In the existing economic system, people do not play a role because only pure efficiency counts. Only if we work together and for each other can we create a truly sustainable world,” Cowden told pressetext. The bestselling author and former top manager is going to open the Economic Forum at the European Tolerance Talks on May 29, 2020 in Fresach.

“Intercultural cooperation”

According to Cowden, the economic system of relentless competition is already reaching its limits. “The eternal fight against the competition ultimately leads to stagnation and paralysis and can hardly raise the true potential of productive people. Therefore, the focus of business should not be on companies and managers, but rather on the cooperation between them.”

In order to distinguish themselves in the future, companies should set creativity and the willingness to transform as a new standard. “To be successful, companies today have to interact with each other at a high level across cultures and languages. This is the only way to make real progress. The interaction between people and artificial intelligence must also be based on respect and trust in order to fully exploit the possibilities of the new technology”, says the leadership expert. More on pressetext.

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