Lukas Hofbauer (19), Klagenfurt/Graz
After high school and military service Lukas began his studies in Graz. He has a natural talent for writing and performing of Slam texts. In May 2015 his first poetry slam was just the beginning . He has represented Carinthia together with Sabrina Ohler at the national championships for Carinthia and Styria.

Sebastian Kokesch (19), Strau/Klagenfurt
As the newcomer in September 2015 entered the Slam stage for the first time, no one could believe that it has been “his first appearance”. As it turned out, the high-school graduate had gained stage experience as a guitarist in a band and therefore knew how to inspire the audience. Currently working as civil servant amd caregivers of young asylum seekers, he already considers potential fields of study.

Valentina Maurer (16), Feistritz
This exceptional talent is one of the youngest in the team, but has been excellent so far: namely as a winner of the Junior Bachmann Literature Competition in 2013 and the youth speech contest in 2014. Certainly we will hear more from this text luminary – not only in the context of the Poetry Slam.

Tara Meister (18), St.Veit
As the oldest of five sisters Tara lives in St. Veit and began writing novels at the age of 13. In 2015 she published the third volume of her fantasy book series “Siran”. In addition to writing the pupil is also interested in singing, theater and archery. She would like to study literature, but beeing a neurologist would also be a perspective. Nevertheless a life without books or writing is hardly imaginable for the young author.

Gerhard Pleschberger (63), Bad Kleinkirchheim
Well-known author of short stories and poetry, both in German and in Carinthian dialect. Winner of several short story competitions, member of the Spittal and Villach literature circle, the Carinthian Writer’s Association (KSV) and the association “Buch13”.

Patricia “Trisha” Radda (27), Klagenfurt/Graz
At the moment she is living in Graz, where she studies German and history. Since the age of 15 she publishes short stories, poems and novels. Nothing makes her so afraid like a crowd, but after four years being part of the audience, she debuted in May 2015 as a poetry slammer for the first time at a poetry slam stage – quite to our delight.

Patrick Steiner (29), Villach
Patrick was bornin  Fresach and lives now in Villach. He hopes to make his hobby soon a profession. His love for books sparked already in childhood, because they took him to another world. In 2nd grade elementary school an article of his was once hung in the school and from then on he was called “Thomas Brezina”. Writing has become his passion – without which the world would be much more difficult to imagine. Two of his texts can also be found in the book “Poetry Slam” (Malandro Verlag).

Sabrina Öhler (21), Spittal
“Sabs” is a  passionate ice show runner who studies at Fachhochschule Salzburg with focus on “MultiMediaArt”. Photography is as much a part of her life as poetry. She is an author of short stories, poetries and slam texts. She has also represented Carinthia at the national championships for Styria and Carinthia.

Estha Sackl (24), Steindorf am Ossiachersee/Graz
She is a biology student in Graz. She loves the nature and wants to teach biology later in school. Her passion for writing, drawing and acting is like a balance to her daily life. “Esthii” was nominated for the Ö-Slam in 2015.

Anna Wilcke (28), Vienna
Adina discovered the Poetry Slam for herself at end of 2011. But that alone wouldn’t be enough for the trained actress. She has won many slams, published texts, plays and makes monthly Improtheater in Vienna, conducts workshops and is producer / director of numerous short films and plays. She is also currently the under 20 manager in Vienna.

Organization and moderation

Carmen Kassekert (39), Klagenfurt
comes from South Africa and lives in Klagenfurt. She works in the communications and media environment and has made her passion for literature to a profession. Since 2010 she organizes “Slam if you can!” – Competitions in Carinthia and beyond she has issued in this context an anthalogy with Slam texts. In addition to the organization and supervision of the young literary man, she frequently moderates poetry slams.

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