Sonia Boumad receives Tolerance Award 2019

The European Tolerance Award 2019 for Democracy and Human Rights of the Austrian PEN Club and the City of Villach goes to the author Sonia Boumad, who was born in Lebanon and since 2007 has found a new home in Austria. The award was presented Thursday evening 6th June during the European tolerance talks in Fresach.

“This year’s European Tolerance Award honors a personality who sets an example not only through her writing or her personal fate, but also through her tireless efforts in humility and love: Sonia Boumad is a representative of that larger Austria that does not ask for her place of birth but judges according to the practice”, said the PEN club in a statement.

Villach mayor Günther Albel said at the ceremony that Sonia Boumad will be honored for her work of intercultural understanding, that the award will also be representative of those who, despite war, flight and expulsion, hope for the good and the beautiful Life did not give up. “Sonia Boumad is a shining example of human greatness and intellectual vision.” More on pressetext.

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