Bewerbung des Tourismusforums Villach am 27. Mai

Only four weeks before the Tolerance Talks 2020 we start the campaign for the 3rd Villach Tourism Forum on May 27 (from 2 p.m.). Please make a note of the appointment. We discuss the utopia (freedom) of travel and the nature (destruction) of people with selected scientists and tourists. The event, originally planned at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, will now – due to corona – be freely accessible online as a video conference.

Appointment at the Villach Tourism Forum: Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Period of the live broadcast: 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. via multistreaming via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook

You can find the video for application and sharing here

Program items:

Wanderlust: On the Utopia of Travel (Tourism in Transition)
2 to 3.30 p.m. Habits and human rights

Klaus Kufeld, a travel philosopher and Bloch student, talks about the utopia and reality of travel in the 21st century. With the Corona crisis, freedom of travel is being questioned for the first time in many decades, with dramatic consequences for travelers as well as for tour operators and countries that live from tourism. But where does the urge to travel come from, and why do we have to break out of the habit? What is the fundamental right to freedom of travel and what do we pay for it?

A panel of experts then will discuss with Editor in chief of the “Kleine Zeitung”, Thomas Cik, on the fascination of the exotic, the illusions of the travel industry, the mass phenomenon of travel and the consequences of wanderlust in the digital age. Cultural anthropologist Ingrid Thurner, author Clementine Skorpil, Wörthersee tourist specialist Roland Sint and digital specialist Wolfgang Eixelsberger from the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences talk about how travel behavior is changing and how the media, politics and tourism are dealing with it.

Nearfight: About the nature of humans (Human in Environment)
4 to 5:30 p.m. Behavior and sustainability

Travel is a longing for life. But the traveler destroys what he is looking for by finding it, says Hanns Magnus Enzensberger. Behavioral biologist Elisabeth Oberzaucher will speak with nature conservationist Michael Jungmeier about possible ways out in the second part of the afternoon. What can be done and what has tourism to do to meet the sustainability requirements demanded by everyone?

Mindfulness and sustainability are also the key words for the final panel discussion about Covid-19 and its consequences. Even if the current “lockdown” of tourism and thus the “exodus” of an entire industry when planning the tolerance talks was not foreseeable, the current situation can certainly be compared to such an “Leaving from the Familiar”.

Harald Hafner from Travel Industry Club Austria will be discussing how the pandemic is changing tourism and what sustainable tourism must look like in the future with the head of Österreich Werbung, Petra Stolba, the tour operator Elisabeth Kneiss-Neumayer, the documentary filmmaker Henriette Schröder and Stefan Nungesser from the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences .

The Tourism Forum Villach is a cooperation between Denk.Raum.Fresach, the Travel Industry Club Austria and the Tourismus Region Villach and is part of the European Tolerance Talks.

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