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Leadership requires a Knowledge of Human Nature

 “Influencing people and events positively”: That is what leadership is about, explained the management consultant and business coach Peter Baumgartner at the final panel discussion on “Leadership and fairness in times of crisis”. While good management consisted of “delegating” in earlier times, today leadership is a highly complex activity, emphasized burnout advisor Evelyne Hubert-Reitan at
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Pausing during the Crisis

If nothing works anymore, radical change is required. This applies more than ever today. But negative experiences alone are not enough as an incentive. “For a new start, you also need a symbol, that is, the idea of ​​a way that could be better in the future than today,” says psychotherapist and Viktor Frankl award
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Evolution: Climate crisis as an Opportunity

Man-made climate change has triggered a crisis that has brought tremendous changes, but which also allows Europe to grow, innovate and break new ground. But to face the challenges, the old continent must allow new diversity in society and culture. That was the basic tenor of the panel discussion on the program presentation of the
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