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Epic: Tolerance Talks breaking new Ground

New territory and experiment at the same time – the 6th European Tolerance Talks 2020 in Carinthia were a milestone for organization, contributors and the public. The three-day dialogue forum was frequented by well over 3,000 visitors online after the museum was only partially accessible on site. All sessions and panel discussions are available on
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Ways out of Digital Slavery

With the biblical exodus from Egypt, the Israelites linked the hope for a better life in peace, freedom and prosperity. The digitized society is also looking for ways out of profit-driven slavery – with environmental destruction, climate change and global migration flows as consequences. International experts, poets and thinkers will find out what options Europe
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Visitors’ Record in Fresach 2019

The 5th European Tolerance Talks 2019 in Carinthia have set a new visitors’ record. Nearly 800 participants took part in the three-day dialogue forum in Fresach, another 200 attended the tourism forum and the opening reception in Villach. More than 500 people watched the discussions over the Internet. A record of the more than 20
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