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Review on the Utopia of Travel

One session at the Tourism Forum Villach on May 27th was devoted to the “utopia of travel”. Our author and speaker Ingrid Thurner, prevented from attending on Pentecost for health reasons, has now added her contribution. She asks whether travel under the Corona regime can work. And whether the retreat from the distance into a
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Corona paves the way for mass tourism

Corona is an opportunity to redefine travel and put it in a planetary context. Now that the tourism industry is at a standstill, a move away from insatiable mass tourism and the destruction of the environment is possible. With this statement, “travel philosopher” Klaus Kufeld opened the discussion on the tourism forum of the 6th
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Corona Virus shows Importance of Travel

Traveling and exploring foreign countries is essential for people. Throughout its history, mankind has felt the urge to move to new places. The corona virus is now putting a stop to this. It shows the importance of travel and forces tourism to reflect on itself, explains the German travel philosopher Klaus Kufeld in an interviews
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