Finding the Truth will be the Focus 2024

“Truth – What is real?” is the subject of the 10th European Tolerance Talks in the Carinthian mountain village of Fresach from May 15th to 18th, 2025 – and the focus is on the diverse concerns about increasing attempts to influence democratic elections through news manipulation and alternative facts. Over 30 experts from philosophy and religion, business and science provide contributions to the debate. The program is available on the website:

This year’s state prize winner for cultural journalism, Falter publisher and editor-in-chief Armin Thurnher, was recruited for the opening speech on Thursday, May 16, in Fresach. The evening before in Villach, May 15th, the well-known and award-winning Czech author and translator Radka Denemarková will analyze “Europe and its enemies” in a conversation with Renata Schmidtkunz from ORF. The influential psychologist and risk researcher Gerd Gigerenzer promises another highlight at the economic forum on May 17th.

Highlight for the Fresach Tolerance Center

For the chairman of the organizer Denk.Raum.Fresach, Superintendent Manfred Sauer, this year’s tolerance talks are “a highlight” of his work in Carinthia. “We have succeeded in developing a large dialogue platform from a small idea that radiates beyond the country’s borders. The fact that we are already in our tenth year is thanks to the spirit and trust of everyone involved, who has great hopes for the Fresach Tolerance Center and its importance in Europe.”

For the President of the Board of Trustees, Hannes Swoboda, the upcoming EU elections on June 9, 2024 are both an occasion and a mandate to face the truth. “The decision that voters in Europe have to make should be based on truthful principles and realistic ideas about the future, and not on false slogans and hate speeches. Seen in this light, we hope that the tolerance talks will make a contribution to democracy building.” Continue on to the press release.

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