Tolerance Talks start on Wednesday 9 a.m.

Blackout, lockdown or exodus – no matter what terms are used to describe the current corona crisis: We will have to live with the devastating consequences for culture, economy and society for a long time to come. How we deal with this and what opportunities there are in the crisis are the subject of the 6th European Tolerance Talks, which will take place in Villach and Fresach from May 27 to 30, 2020 – due to the corona restrictions partially only online.

This year’s tolerance talks are based on the motto “Exodus – Leaving the familiar” and are both experiment and new territory. They are broadcasted via three recording studios in Fresach, Vienna and Bonn – the well-known blogger Gunnar Sohn was won over for this, who also organizes streamings for the Federal Center for Political Education and the Leipzig Book Fair. While the first day in Villach is completely online, the live talks in Fresach take place mostly on site, with connections to Vienna and Bonn.

Over 40 thinkers will discuss the future of travel, the consequences of the lockdown and the green deal. It will be kicked off by an opening speech by the Club of Rome Honorary President Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker. This time, the speakers include youth researchers and future thinkers as well as political scientists, philosophers and evolution experts. The program consists of the Youth Forum and the Tourism Forum in Villach (May 27), the Tolerance Forum (May 28) and the Economic Forum in Fresach (May 29) and concludes with the traditional Poetry Slam on Friday evening.

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