Young people more tolerant than adults

Young people seem to be well ahead of the adults in terms of tolerance. This is the result of a study of the Humboldt University in Berlin published on attitudes to society, religion and identity. Among 16 to 25 year old youngsters, more than 70 percent are in favor that it should be allowed Muslim teachers to wear a headscarf in school. For those who are even still pupils, there are as many as 75 percent.

Older adults over 25 years have many more problems with the typical Muslim headscarf mind. Here only about every second person accepts the right of teachers to wear a headscarf. The results are based on interviews by telephone of last year, in the framework of 8270 people living in Germany with and without a migration background.

The researchers also found that the contacts and the knowledge is more common and personalized in younger people and than in adults. The youngsters are also more open and nationally less connected than adults and seem more open and unprejudiced to religious diversity.

Join the test. How tolerant are you?

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