1st June 2022 – TOURISM FORUM >> FH Villach and online

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors & Guests
09:00 a.m.FH Villach an online via facebook and Youtube
Human Environment
Perpetrators and sufferers:
We, climate change and us.
Georg Kaser, glaciologist and climate researcher.
09:45 a.m.FH Villach an online via facebook and Youtube
Tourism Forum I
Expert discussion
Human environment
Options for action and perspectives
With tourism researcher Jürgen Schmude, nature park manager Robert Heuberger, tourism manager Heide Pichler and climate change researcher Georg Kaser. Moderator: Gudrun Leb, ORF Carinthia.
11:00 a.m.FH Villach an online via facebook and Youtube
Rethink tourism
Companies without employees:
Why we must fight for change.
Elisabeth Oberzaucher, behavioral biologist and life scientist.
11:30 a.m.FH Villach an online via facebook and Youtube
Tourism Forum II
Expert discussion
Generations in transition
New chances, old mistakes?
With Elisabeth Oberzaucher, FH Prof. Stefan Nungesser, Naturel Hotels CEO Hannah Widnig, tourism director Renate Ecker, AMS-Coordinator Wolfgang Haberl. Moderator: Thomas Cik, Kleine Zeitung.
02:00 p.m.FH Villach an online via facebook and Youtube
Travel in transition
Country of longing
How we better travel differently.
Peter Vollbrecht, Philosoph und Reiseleiter.
02:45 p.m.FH Villach an online via facebook and Youtube
Tourism Forum III
Claudia C. Brözel, Professor for Sustainable Tourism Management.
New rules for global travel
With tourism researcher Peter Zellmann, pilgrimage expert Roland Stadler and tourism pastor Regina Leimer. Moderator: Albert Eibl, publisher.
04:00 p.m.FH Villach an online via facebook and Youtube
Ethic traveling
Digital Chaos & Corporate Happyness:
How sustainable tourism works.
Claudia C. Brözel, Professor for Sustainable Tourism Management.
04:30 p.m.FH Villach an online via facebook and Youtube
Tourism Forum IV
Expert discussion
Tourism in transition
Tourism in the field of tension between ethics, attitude and business
With Claudia Brözel, the administrative scientist Rahel Schomaker, tour operator Marlene Bacher and tourism manager Georg Overs. Moderator: Harald Hafner, Travel Industry Club Austria.
06:30 p.m.FH VillachReceptionGreeting and reception
for speakers, moderators and invited guests
With Governor Peter Kaiser, Carinthian Parliament's President Reinhart Rohr, DRF-President Hannes Swoboda.


2nd June 2022 – EUROPEAN FORUM >> Museum Fresach and online

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors & Guests
Evang. Church
ReceptionChange, or what else?
How does the new get into the system?
With DRF-President Hannes Swoboda, DRF-Chairman Manfred Sauer, Carinthian Federal President Reinhart Rohr
Evang. Church
OpeningExhausted, at odds, overwhelmed?
How Europe can be reborn.
Opening speech of Robert Menasse, author and "Capital" connoisseur.
Tolerance CenterEuropean Forum I
Politics & Society

89 / 5.000
Promised Land | Closed Society? Therapies for Democracy
Panel discussion with democracy researcher Sieglinde Rosenberger, cultural scientist Wolfgang Müller-Funk, educational scientist Martin Klemenjak, DRF President Hannes Swoboda. Moderator: Claus Reitan.
Tolerance CenterEuropean Forum II
International Relations
Foreign neighbors | True friends?
New concepts for dealing with Russia, the Middle and Far East.
With the Ukrainian author Yuri Andrukhovych, the sinologist Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik, Middle East expert Heinz Gärtner,
Political Scientist Andreas N. Ludwig and ORF correspondent Carola Schneider. Moderator: Peter Fritz.
FresachAfternoon BreakAfternoon BreakAfternoon Break
Tolerance CenterTalk
House of One | One God for all?
Theses on theological approximation.
The philosopher and Islamic scholar Ahmad Milad Karimi in conversation with Mathilde Schwabeneder (ORF).
Tolerance CenterEuropean Forum III
Politics & Religion
Living with God without a denomination
New confession for old religions.
Panel discussion with Ahmad Milad Karimi, the religious scholar Ulrike Auga and Bishop's Vicar Hans-Peter Premur. Moderator: Mathilde Schwabeneder (ORF).
Tolerance CenterFestival of Tolerance
Award Ceremony
European Tolerance Award 2022
Human Rights of the City of Villach
Announcement and awarding.
Private housesFestival of Tolerance
Kitchen & Chimney Talks
Turning Point in Europe
Literary Interventions.
With authors, guests and participants ETG22.


3rd June 2022 – ECONOMIC FORUM >> Museum Fresach and online

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors and Guests
09:00 a.m.Tolerance CenterLecture
People & Change
How does order come into chaos?
And how we find the right way out.
Philosophical excursion with Ina Schmidt, cultural scientist.
10:00 a.m.Tolerance CenterBreakBreakBreak
10:30 a.m.Tolerance CenterEconomic Forum I
Technology & Change
How does the new get into the world?
What else do we want to be able to do? What else can we know? A trip into the vastness of the brain universe.
A conversation with the neuromarketing expert and brain researcher Hans-Georg Häusel, followed by a discussion with education activist Heidi Schrodt, Marlies Krainz-Dürr moderated by Sonja Sagmeister (ORF).
12:00 a.m.FresachLunchtimeLunchtimeLunchtime
02:00 p.m.Tolerance CenterConversation
Human Environment
The forest as a healing system:
Intelligent ways out of the fossil throwaway society.
Forest scientist Hubert Hasenauer in conversation with Jochen Bendele, Kleine Zeitung.
02:30 p.m.Tolerance CenterEconomic Forum II
Organisation & Change
System change without alternatives:
From thinking and talking to acting
With Hubert Hasenauer, business ethicist Dietmar Brodel, cultural scientist Ina Schmidt, industrialist Christoph Kulterer. Moderation: Jochen Bendele (Kleine Zeitung).
03:30 p.m.FresachBreakBreakBreak
04:30 p.m.Tolerance CenterLecture
Management & Change
The power of thinking together:
How we unleash new potential with co-creation.
Georg Michalik, organizational developer.
05:00 p.m.Tolerance CenterEconomic Forum III
Politics & Change
Carinthia and the metropolitan region:
Expectations of politics and business.
Panel discussion with Carinthian Governor Peter Kaiser, Adnan Alijagic, head of the metropol region, educational scientist Caroline Schmitt and Economic Chamber Austria vice president Carmen Goby. Moderation: Roland Gruber.
06:30 p.m.Tolerance CenterYoung Poetry SlamChangeable leaky – fabulously beautiful:
How does the new get into the world?
Young authors face the audience voting, moderated by Lukas Hofbauer.


4th June 2022 – POETS FORUM >> Gasthaus “zum Wirt” only

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors and Guests
08:30 a.m.Gasthaus "Zum Wirt"Tolerance Breakfast
Poets' Forum
Systems in transition: Authors discuss with contemporaries. Open house.Get-together with present authors, students, interested participants and visitors.
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