Here is a list of independent initiatives that are dedicated to tolerance and integration in Europe and that we find great.

Robert F. Kennedy Foundation for Human Rights Switzerland, Zürich
Contact: Dr. Christoph Karlo

Ceci n’est pas une Crise: Finding solutions against identity populism. Brüssel, Belgien
Contact: Dan Sobovitz

The House of One – Three religions together under one roof.
Contact: Anna Poeschel, Bet- und Lehrhaus Petriplatz Berlin e.V.

European Academy of Sciences and Arts  (Tolerance Award)
Contact: Prof. Felix Unger

Bled School of Management (IEDC)
Contact: Prof. Dr. Danica Purg

Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR)
Contact: Dr. Maximilian Lakitsch

THE Axis of Good: Blog of journalists and writers. Augsburg, Germany
Contact: Dirk Maxeiner

Friday: The Opinion Medium. Berlin, Germany
Contact: Jakob Augstein

Wuppertal Initiative for Democracy and Tolerance. Wuppertal, Germany
Contact: Sebastian Goecke

Mühlheim Initiative for Tolerance. Muehlheim/Ruhr, Germany
Contact: Hartmut Kremer

step21 – Initiative for Tolerance and Responsibility, Youth calls! Hamburg, Germany
Contact: Sonja Lahnstein-Kandel

Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance against Extremism and Xenophobia. Berlin, Germany
Contact: Dr. Gregor Rosenthal

Democracy Live! Active against right-wing extremism, violence and misanthropy
Contact: BM Manuela Schwesig

Tolerance Week Ramsau: Dialogue on Identity and Integration. Ramsau, Austria
Contact: ARGE

Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialoge, Rüschlikon, Schweiz
Contact: Dr. Annabelle R. Hett

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