Felix Erlach (2000), Velden

The “youngster” has just graduated and is currently doing his community service in a dementia center. The prospective psychology student appreciates this experience very much. He started writing early, but only came to slam after he finished school. He has been on the slam stage for a year now and is rapidly developing into a successful slam poet.


David Friedrich (1991), Hamburg

Since his 15th birthday, he has participated in over 1200 poetry slams. In 2013 and 2015 he reached the final of the German-language poetry slam championship. With Kaleb Erdmann he developed the spoken word and jazz live performance Bunt & Kühl. Friedrich now moderates and organizes various events and tours with his own program “But it was nice”.


Yasmin „Yasmo“ Hafedh (1990), Wien

Successful slam poet, spoken word artist, rapper and as such has already been on numerous international stages. After several awards, she now leads writing workshops at universities and German institutes. In 2018 she was the first female artist to be nominated for an Amadeus Austrian Music Award in the “Best Hip Hop / Urban” category.


Donia Ibrahim (1999), Villach/Graz

In 2019, the Villach resident appeared for the first time in a poetry slam and soon won the hearts of the scene and the public. Donia means “colorful” – and so it is: colorful as the world and small but nice. Her fondness for sarcasm is in good hands in her law studies. And the poetry slam suits her urge to always add a comment.


Emil Kaschka (1996), Innsbruck

The newcomer won the third place in the Austrian Poetry Slam Championships in 2018 and has been an integral part of the scene ever since. In addition to his German literature and history studies, he uses the remaining time for appearances in the entire German-speaking area. A humorous being who knows exactly how to touch the public with his texts.


Tara Meister (1997), St.Veit/Wien

The medical student started writing early and published three youth novels at the age of 13 to 15, all of which were presented at the Leipzig Book Fair. Since then she has tried out different literary forms and has now written her first play “Höhlenbrüter”, which was premiered in March 2020 by the “Wiener Spielwut”.


Doris Mitterbacher alias Mieze Medusa (1975), Wien

Mieze Medusa works in the field of prose, lyric, spoken word & rap and is a pioneer of the Austrian poetry slam scene. Lecture poetry is only one of the many facets of her artistic activity. She is also author and editor of over a dozen books, organizes and moderates several slam formats and has published four successful recordings with DJ “tenderboy”.


Nathalie Rouanet (1966), Klosterneuburg

received her PhD after studying German Literature in Toulouse and Vienna and has since worked as an author and freelance translator for film, theater and literature. Publications in French and German magazines; Scholarships and sponsorship awards, most recently the 2nd Irene Harand Prize. Her novel “Von Honig und Absinth” was published by edition pen in 2019. As a poetry slammer she performs under the name “Ann Air”.


Estha Sackl (1991), Steindorf/Graz

Estha is a slam poet, performance artist and educator. Since 2010 she has been living in Graz, where she studied two teaching subjects and is currently working in social education. The Carinthian-born artist highlights the production of her first own play and the participation in two German-speaking poetry slam championships as highlights of her artistic work.


Florian Supé (1994), Graz

“Flo” is the intellectual voice of the Austrian poetry slam. He was a Styrian-Carinthian U20 champion and multiple finalist at Austrian and German-speaking championships. Since summer 2013 he has had a permanent place in the local scene, is a member of the first Graz reading stage “Violence is not a reading” and was published in the literary magazine “DUM”.


Lukas Hofbauer (1996), Klagenfurt/Graz

After graduating from high school, Lukas moved to Graz, where he now belongs to the core team of the slam scene. In addition to his own successful appearances, he has also taken on numerous organizational tasks and is busy working in the scene and youth work. In Carinthia, he has primarily taken on the role of moderator, which he fulfills more than great.

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