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Home Abroad Earth

Why we need Europe and have to fight bad developments.

Who the enemies of the open society are and how they act to destroy democracy, tolerance and human rights, the great Austrian Karl Popper already described in his London exile in 1945 – just where the drama of “Brexit” takes place in those days – as an unequivocal consequence of disinformation, hatred and envy of the achievements of the open society in the European Union.

The European Tolerance Talks 2019 will therefore be dedicated to this thematic area: What does “homeland” mean and who threatens it? Which changes are good and necessary, and which ones do we have to watch critically? What concepts do we need for the future of our children and what should we not allow at all? Is the sale of land and the loss of cultural and natural heritage threatening? That leads to the logical question: Who owns Europe?

This year’s Tolerance Talks will again take place in the Pentecost Week – from 5 to 8 June 2019. The first day (Life Day) will be held in Villach with two parallel symposia. With the “LIFE-TOUR ’19” the main topic 2019 “Home Abroad Earth” should be treated for and from the point of view of young people (in the morning), an additional tourism forum in the afternoon is devoted to the question whether our homeland can be saved (Bambergsaal of the former Parkhotel Villach).

The general theme “Home Abroad Earth – Who owns Europe?” will be treated on the following day (Human Rights Day) with papers, discussions and panels at the Tolerance Museum Fresach. The “Citizens’ Dialogue” on 6 June on the Museum Square will also produce results again, which will be written down in the “Fresach Regions Charter”. Readings, a jazz concert and an exhibition tour in Fresach (LebensMittelPunkt) complete the second day.

Another important focus is set with the “Entrepreneur Day” on Friday June 7 (Founders Day). This day will be devoted to the issue of global power relations in Europe, the “Resource Planning 2020” and the “Region as a Silent Reserve” as well as the impact of demographic changes on the economy and social security systems. In the evening, selected start-ups and company founders from the region will present their perspectives for the future. The schedules are full of attractions and events. (ws)


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