24 May 2023 – ETHICS FORUM >> Bamberg Saal Villach

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors & Guests
06:00 p.m.Bambergsaal Villach and online via Facebook & Youtube
Opening Talk: Growth in the field of tension between evolution and belief in progressEthics of Enough:
Growing pains and how to deal with them.
Pastor Nikolaus Schneider, former chairman of the Evangelical Church in Germany, in conversation with Renata Schmidtkunz, ORF Vienna.
07:00 p.m.Bambergsaal VillachOpening reception for speakers, moderators and invited guestsGreeting and reception:
Growth and more for advanced users.
With Governor Peter Kaiser, Carinthian Parliament's President Reinhart Rohr, DRF-President Hannes Swoboda et al.


25 May 2023 – EUROPEAN FORUM >> Tolerance Center Fresach

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors & Guests
Evang. Church
OpeningRecource planing 2030:
Growth, but how?
With DRF-President Hannes Swoboda, DRF-Chairman Manfred Sauer, Carinthian Federal President Reinhart Rohr
Evang. Church
Political AnalysisGrowth at the beginning | Future at the End?
European perspectives on a rhetoric question.
Opening speech by Marlene Streeruwitz, author, essayist and filmmaker
Tolerance CenterEuropean Forum I
Politics & Society

Growth in the End | Ready for Change?
Foundation of the New World Order.
Panel discussion with bestselling author Franz Alt, climate protector Lena Schilling, Club of Rome Austria Chapter President Hannes Swoboda, theologian Barbara Rauchwarter, sustainability researcher Christine Ax. Moderation: Claus Reitan.
Tolerance CenterEuropean Forum II
Development Policy
Growth today | How much is enough?
The beginning of the end or the only alternative to the world's problems.
With common good expert Christian Felber and Africa incubator Tara Méité. Moderator: Peter Fritz (ORF).
FresachAfternoon BreakAfternoon BreakAfternoon Break
Tolerance CenterTalk
Meaning & Values
Amazonia with us:
What we can learn from the Third World.
The Catholic theologian, researcher of meaning and values Paul M. Zulehner in conversation with Mathilde Schwabeneder (ORF).
Tolerance CenterEuropean Forum III
Politics & Religion
Growth tomorrow | A question of Faith?
In search of new narratives.
Panel discussion with Paul M. Zulehner, writer Dietmar Krug, Alina Lindermuth und Em. Evang. Bischop Michael Bünker moderated by Mathilde Schwabeneder (ORF).
Tolerance CenterFestival of Tolerance
Award Ceremony
European Tolerance Award 2023
for Human Rights of the City of Villach
Announcement and awarding.
Private housesFestival of Tolerance
Kitchen & Chimney Talks
Growth creates immagination:
Literary Interventions.
With author Alexander Peer, Daniela Chana, Margarita Fuchs and participants ETG23.


26 May 2023 – ECONOMIC FORUM >> Tolerance Center Fresach

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors and Guests
09:00 a.m.Tolerance CenterLecture
People & Capitalism
Ethos Growth: The Perpetual Revolution.
Why capitalism is blamed for nearly all the world's ills and yet has solved most of them.
The Frankfurt historian Werner Plumpe in conversation
with his student Michael Paul.
10:00 a.m.Tolerance CenterBreakBreakBreak
10:30 a.m.Tolerance CenterEconomic Forum I
Technology & Growth
Green Deal – The answer to climate change?
How the restructuring of the economy can succeed.
The Munich financial investor and author Hans Albrecht in conversation with Sonja Sagmeister (ORF).
Afterwards panel discussion with Carinthian Governor Peter Kaiser, Andrea Höglinger (FFG) and KELAG-Boardmember Reinhard Draxler.
12:00 a.m.FresachLunchtimeLunchtimeLunchtime
02:00 p.m.Tolerance CenterLecture
Human Environment
Endless Growth – The eco-planetary Future
On the way to the evergreen revolution.
The electrical engineer Georg Brasseur outlines his vision for a CO2-free and environmentally friendly further development of mankind.
02:30 p.m.Tolerance CenterEconomic Forum II
Organisation & Growth
Healthy Growth – the most important Parameters.
How the transformation of industry becomes successful.
With Rethink Energy Europe initiator Georg Brasseur, philosopher Graham Parkes, globalization expert Valentin Wedl and economic chamber Vice president Astrid Legner. Moderator: Thomas Cik (Kleine Zeitung).
03:30 p.m.FresachBreakBreakBreak
04:30 p.m.Tolerance CenterTalk
Management & Growth
Rethinking Growth – A Guide.
Intelligent strategies for transformation.
With Ruth Seliger, system consultant and management coach & Christine Ax, sustainability researcher.
05:00 p.m.Tolerance CenterEconomic Forum III
Politics & Growth
Carinthia keeps growing – but where to?
Projects for the next legislative period.
Panel discussion with EU Coordinator Martina Rattinger, LR Gaby Schaunig, FH rector Angelika Mitterbacher, economist Norbert Wohlgemuth, author Egyd Gstättner. Moderator: Jochen Bendele.
06:30 p.m.Tolerance CenterYoung Poetry SlamPost Growth Economy
Shrinking instead of Growing?
Young authors face the audience voting, moderated by Lukas Hofbauer.


27 May 2023 – POETS FORUM >> Gasthaus “zum Wirt”

StartPlaceFrameSubjectSpeakers, Authors and Guests
08:30 a.m.Gasthaus "Zum Wirt"Tolerance Breakfast
Poets' Forum
Focus on Growth: Authors discuss with contemporaries. Open house.Get-together with authors, students, interested participants and visitors.
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