The Denk.Raum.Fresach is an interdisciplinary platform for culture, politics and business and dedicated to relevant socio-political issues. It is linked to with European organizations and decision makers, those who bear responsibility from different areas. The main aim is a permanent task of developing the European integration, and in doing so, to promote the peaceful encounter across linguistic and cultural boundaries.

The Denk.Raum.Fresach is organized as a no profit organization and organizes the annual “European Tolerance Conversations (ETC)” in Fresach. Founded as an open thought and dialogue space, this Society operates independent of any ideological, political and religious belief. Those belong to the individuals. It is supported by volunteer personalities and dedicated employees who implement the program and the events and promote the contents of a heterogeneous audience. The organization is financed through private and public donations, memberships, funding, partners and sponsors.

The association is headed by the Executive Board. There is established a Presidium that is represented by the Steering Committee. The Board of Trustees and Advisory board is responsible for content input and layout of publications or website. The organizing team ensures that the events are professionally handled and the content is adequately prepared for the public. The General Assembly shall define the general guidelines for the activities of the Association and program design. The Steering Committee will oversee the current work, in particular the preparation of the European tolerance calls.

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